Sometimes after the holidays or throughout the year you may suffer from insomnia, but there are some natural remedies to counter this problem? Absolutely! Here we go!

Hot Milk

Drink a cup of warm milk, as well as play an especially important psychological aspect (it’s like a return to childhood), almost a rite back in time, would actually be a great natural remedy to combat insomnia. The milk provides protein of high biological value, especially if you choose the high quality is hot, then relaxes as a herbal tea or an infusion. The main protein of milk, casein, is similar to morphine, therefore has a calming and soporific. You can add the hot milk of honey to the lavender , which also helps to relax. Digestion Avoid going to bed immediately after supper, because the digestion, especially after a very filling meal, it may cause difficulty sleeping. To avoid this always dine with light meals, such as a main course with a side dish of vegetables and a slice of whole wheat bread and a seasonal fruit.


Avoid fatty foods or too sugary. Head north and no electronic devices According to feng shui should steer head north to make sweet dreams. You should also avoid all electromagnetic fields, so as to remove from the bed and the bedside alarm clocks, mobile phones, television and CD player. Valerian Among the natural remedies in the first place surely is the Valerian that, under the advice of a herbalist, can be transformed into a great infusion or herbal teas, as well as this plant is also recommended passionflower. But before buying any herbal compound passed by the doctor or by herbalist of confidence and take some advice from him directly. Book Read a few pages of a good book is one of the simplest remedies to help sleep and relaxation, along with a herbal tea then really reaches perfection! Each of us has a favorite author and his favorite genre, this might be a little trick for everyone to get to sleep distracted, without images from the television.

Television If you decide to watch television before going to sleep is good point to Programs relaxing, without violent scenes or raw. Better a romantic movie or comic! Bathroom A be the relaxing bath is another piece of advice to follow to obtain a positive effect on the psyche, as well as on the body. Valid also for small children, not for nothing are the bath gel made ​​of lavender!