How to cure anxiety naturally? How to find calm and serenity using the methods offered by nature: there are natural remedies really perfect order, from breathing techniques to the products of herbal medicine. Here are some helpful tips and some perfect natural remedy to control anxiety, tension and stress .

How to cure anxiety naturally

Relax the nerves, to leave behind the stress and tension? The passion flower has an effective anxiolytic, antidepressant and relaxing: an infusion made ​​by soaking 15 g of flowers and leaves of the grass in a cup of water can be the perfect tonic to be consumed every night before bed. Already known for its calming and relaxing properties, Valerian is a herbaceous plant perfect for keeping anxiety under control, thanks to its action anticlerical and sedative. To exploit the full potential, better to take it in the form of mother tincture, 15 drops morning and evening.


Also good Melissa, from property anxiolytic, to be consumed as a herbal tea (20 g of dry extract in 200 ml of hot water) before going to bed. The hawthorn , known for his sharp points that make infallible, has valuable anxiolytic and sedative properties, it can be taken daily in the form of infusion: 25 g of leaves and flowers in 200 ml of hot water. We recommend an alternative 20 drops of tincture of St. John’s wort , the action antidepressant and anxiolytic, once a day, in the morning before breakfast, to ward off tension and nervousness that are likely to have negative effects on the quality of the rest of the day.

How to treat generalized anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder that makes it difficult to even the most mundane of daily actions? Maybe you better run for cover. In order, there are several useful techniques, from breathing that exploit the dictates of the ancient Eastern disciplines such as yoga, biofeedback to. Even relaxing massage can help to relax the nerves and tension. Even the diet right, the sport and the good lifestyle habits can be the solution to generalized anxiety. Tension and stress can wreak running, lifting weights in the gym or jumping. Avoid smoking and alcohol , but prefer a diet light and low-calorie, low-fat, seasonings and rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables can improve balance and well-being.