Excellent natural remedies for combating the emergence of hoarseness and cough.

With the first cold autumn and here are the first coughs , maybe that wake us up during the night or in the middle of a meeting. What to do? We try to pass it with natural remedies ! The preparation of syrups DIY-based raw materials are absolutely natural and easy to find , make these tips something immediate to be exploited. It will be enough to have in the house very few ingredients to create them and the advantage and benefit in terms of health is very immediate!

Beet syrup

Needed : Two red beets, sugar Procedure : cut well into slices beets, place them on a plate and cover with sugar. After a couple of hours you will create in the pot a red intense syrupy substance, to be paid in a glass bottle. The recommended amount of this syrup in case of persistent cough is to a maximum of three tablespoons a day. Syrup Honey The honey is a real cure for the throat to the upper respiratory tract, ideal for children but also for us adults , very good in warm milk at night before going to sleep and perfect if you want to create a true healing syrup for hoarseness. Needed : a lemon, honey Procedure : Squeeze the lemon well, which will put juice in a saucepan together in half a cup of honey and a tablespoon of oil sunflower seeds. Mix everything very well and consume a spoon if necessary.


Infusion of onions Onions in their simplicity, they are able to make a great benefit for coughs, even the most stubborn. Needed : two or three onions , water Procedure : slice them and put them in a pot, taking care to cover them with water, bring to a boil and cook for at least 15 minutes. When it is warm, pour the liquid into a bottle and drink a spoon if necessary. Syrup to ‘ garlic is a syrup derived from one of the most famous and effective antiseptic that exist in the world, capable of acting in fact against infections of the respiratory tract. Needed : 3 heads of garlic, honey and 100 ml of vinegar, water Preparation : Peel the garlic cloves, which must then be immersed in 250 ml of water. Put everything in a saucepan and cook until the water half-life. Now add 100 ml of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of honey. Boil all the ingredients, then let cool and store in a bottle to store in the refrigerator. Consume in the dose of one tablespoon per day.