The perfect healthy diet, the pounds that you are trying to lose almost magically, the ultimate “mash” with chemical properties unexpected, the berry with powers to Cocoon. but you can feel good simply by combining foods from each other? The answer is yes and easier than one might imagine.

The first rule to create the correct food combinations is to know about the food, so keep a proper nutritional education, through which you can learn all the principles of healthy eating, the origin of foods, their origin, composition and opportunity to know them and then combine with each other, avoiding trivial or serious errors that, over time, you can pass on health. Combine colors A simple first step is to match colors between them, or combine the foods that have similar colors to obtain benefits from that particular color choice. A few examples will all be clear as well, but above all practical. Whether you choose to eat red foods, such as watermelon, strawberries, cherries or radishes, we will offer to our body of substances that counteract the effects of free radicals. This is due to anthologists that carry a positive effect on blood capillaries, delaying cell aging. Also in red foods are Penelope, which are rich in tomatoes, which is also capable of countering the much infamous aging of cells. Combine foods of different origin.


The second rule after that of color is to combine foods according to the different origin, such as pasta (preferably wholemeal) combines with the extra virgin olive oil, tomato sauce and basil. All foods belonging to the vegetable kingdom, which moreover creates a nice link color and patriotic, as well as to provide slow-release energy (starch paste) good calories from fat (oil) and antioxidants (basil and tomato), without forgetting the fibers. A portion of meat, such as Boccaccio, with lots of lemon juice is ideal as a match for the meat proteins and iron in the right amount, you will absorb better thanks to the lemon juice rich in vitamin C Rice with zucchini or artichokes: rice raises blood sugar quickly, since it has a high hypoglycemic index, which, however, is hampered by the vegetables, which we’re going to match it.

Rather avoid combinations such as spinach with eggs, because both foods with high iron content, but in spinach is less bio available and with their hyphenates block absorption of the mineral egg. Better then combine the eggs of beautiful salads! Whole grains put into the milk will also be good, but their physic acid blocks the absorption of calcium. heartburn If you have avoided the rice with tomato: if one part rice to only it would be quite useful, combining food with tomato undermines the whole thing! The tomato can in fact create problems of gastric acidity in people who already suffer from it.