The kitchen is a magical place, in my opinion! Brings the family together, it is cozy and warm and above all gives you the ability to create and give vent to our culinary imagination! Ally with our kitchen also means giving concrete help to our diet recipes, moving in a field known to us and unknown, as often happens when instead you buy with your eyes closed an already packed, without bothering to read even one third of the label. First step: enter the kitchen Entering into the kitchen after doing the shopping, is already the first step to a satisfaction that is shaping up to be there less than half an hour, because to celebrate the ingredients purchased there is no need to have high-sounding names and famous chef, but a bit of imagination, will and love towards themselves, towards those we love and from the food, there seems little?

Choose fresh and cooked by us is preferable to choose when packaged foods, pre-cooked, etc., because in the latter, the salt and fat content is very high, not to mention the amount of dye and preservatives which can often also be the cause of allergies . Second step: to know the foods to know the foods and the different properties allow you to create so-called proper food combinations, or those combinations of different foods that they balance each other for protein content , lipid and carbohydrate.


Fruits omnipresent To feel good and healthy, in our kitchen will never have to miss the wonderful fruits that mother nature gives us each season, not to mention that for those who love the tropical fruits can be greatly expands choices with ranging dalliances, avocado until now ubiquitous bananas! During the summer we’ll feast of watermelon, of strawberries and colorful apricots and peaches! In addition to the fiber will help with their important contribution of water and vitamins and minerals. junk food as far as possible.

The junk food should stay as far away as possible out of your kitchen or best out of your house, because is not really healthy to consume snacks, ice-creams, chips and snacks at all hours! So pay attention to your spending, do not just put them in the basket and, if you really want to treat yourself every once in a healthy chocolate, even your mind thank you. Home Gym Making good physical activity is known to be an excellent adjunct to a healthy diet and health will not be drawn that a big advantage, but if you are lazy and just do not want to know do some physical activities more or less challenging, then try to organize at home, there are courses to be watching for yoga, pilates, or try to buy a nice and pedal stationary bikes, maybe even in the kitchen while watching your favorite TV program or you’re on the phone with your best friend, you will see the results. cuisine as the only place to eat the food the kitchen should only be used as a room to consume the food, it is very important that you do not eat in other rooms, such as dining room or in front of the PC, when you are in the room reading a good book or watch a good movie, in front of the PC while you work or do research with your children but do not eat!