Aesthetic, practical, less cumbersome contact lenses are subject to a growing demand, despite the almost non-existent support offered by Social Security. Indeed, only prescription lenses indicating a particular condition (anisometropia) or visual disturbance heavy (myopia greater than or equal to 8 diopters) receive a refund equal to 60% based on an annual amount per eye paired set at 39.48 euros, helped rather light around 23.70 euros per eye / year. Considered the costs (the adaptation package for example), this reimbursement is often insufficient or no if your lenses are only cosmetic use and can be replaced by glasses. Only the first consultation, that is to say, the optical exam, is reimbursed by health insurance. The cleaning products are never refunded.

To still enjoy the comfort provided by the contact lenses while ensuring a good management costs heavier, it is advisable to take out insurance or mutual optical optics. These are likely to offer a full or partial refund of your lenses. This help is most often presented as annual fee, the format and conditions of contract are determined by each company. usually is recommended membership mutual insurance or health offering a total package, c is to say that supports your lenses and your glasses and eyeglass frame and which may have up to 300 euros per year. Some packages also include loyalty bonus, you get an increase in crime over a year, if you have not used your plan year.


Each company or mutual insurance contract establishes different conditions, for example, some do not support disposable lenses. The costs of adaptation are rarely package supported. So, in your search for mutual optical sure to make a list of your needs, so choose the company and the plan that suits you best. To select the best from your mutual optical or optical insurance, we recommend using the Compare right-insurance, whereby you can benefit from a quick and personalized assistance.

As more and more people want to buy your lenses online, you should know that you can receive a refund in the same way as when making a purchase in the shop. This reimbursement is made according to specific conditions and responds to a procedure that is explained to you on the site where the order is made. You must buy an optician also having a physical store, provide your insurer to the order header store; provide care sheet CPAM.