Cold even in the summer? More than a rarity, accomplices temperature changes, strokes of air and other causes , such an eventuality as annoying as frequently. To counter sneezing frequently, drippy noses and malaise, better run for cover, relying on home remedies more effective to cure it. From natural allies in pharmacological those, here are the most useful cure for colds.

The cold, Causes and Symptoms

It is a inflammation of the nasal mucosa, namely the tissue of the inner lining of the nostrils. The cold is, almost always, the most annoying consequence of the action of a virus. In particular, among the viral causes more frequent is the rhino virus. Finger pointing, when the cold appears in the summer, on bad habits or the weather: shots of air and temperature changes can be considered triggers. In addition to frequent sneezing, the most characteristic symptom of a cold, appear stuffy nose , accompanied by profuse secretion of mucus, the consistency of liquid and transparent, runny nose and watery eyes filling. In addition, in some cases, you can add other small annoyances, such as fever, headache and dry cough .


Remedies to cure it

First, as for most of the illnesses, even when it is cold in summer, better to rely entirely on prevention . In order to counter the side effects of changes in temperature and air blows, the better to dress in layers, to be able to better address both cold and hot, and always keep on hand a scarf or a scarf Light to protect the upper airways.
If prevention is not enough, some medications can be helpful, especially to relieve the most troubling symptoms. To do this, usually we recommend the use of nasal decongestants and nasal washing solutions, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, such as acetaminophen, to contain the malaise and generalized discomfort.

Useful also natural remedies, to be used in the form of ointments or balsamic as protagonists of fumigation, for example. Great against stuffy and runny nose, as well as to deal with the constant sneezing, machinate, immune-boosting properties, anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Even the acropolis, by the action anti-inflammatory, and antiviral, is very useful, as well as eucalyptus, which has an effective disinfectant, expectorant and fluidizing.