So, I weighed myself this morning and it is not good glorious! 93.8 … But hey, that means this is my starting weight, so do not panic!

How was my night? Pretty good. I went and ate a melon. For dinner I made ​​a salad of tomatoes and turkey sausage. It was not bad at all. Now I have lunch or my day will go wrong. I’ll have cereal Fitness Nature. This is not great great, but it is necessary that I eat and as we are early in the day is better than I eat now that evening after. I have all day to spend. At noon, I planned comprehensive pasta, turkey sausage and tomato salad. Maybe I’ll go get me a yogurt to finish my meal or rice milk, it will be my treat. Past noon, I did not even finish my pasta! cool!

It’s not easy to want to lose weight … The problem is that very often, overweight or obesity are not the problem but the symptom. The symptom of a sacred discomfort. Protection against other camouflage our inner us. I heard a theory today that I had heard before but had never touched me. It has spoken to me of the 5 wounds of childhood. Rejection, abandonment, betrayal, humiliation and injustice. I always thought that that was the present home was abandoned. Well, according to the “imposed” morphology of these injuries, it seems that I am more affected by the injury of humiliation.


The concern … is that I can not see where I was humiliated. At first we talked to me about it I said it was not true, that it was not that. In retrospect, I thought: How many times did you not dare do anything for fear of shame? How many times did you not say what you mean by fear of being humiliated you in front of others (or to anyone) and, out of sheer frustration you ate a whole packet of chips? Is that when you feel abandoned you, you do not feel humiliated rather than the person chooses not to spend time with you? it may seem silly to some people but I think it also speaks to a lot of people.

Perhaps in writing on this site, I’m a little cure me of my humiliation. What could be more humiliating than to write in black and white (gray) for my journey back to a normal weight and a healthy diet? I who always strives to believe that I had absolutely no problem with my weight and I felt very comfortable with it, I realize that this is still a big step forward to run these columns on Internet giant canvas. it can not be my wound will heal but it will teach me in any case not to be afraid.

It is also listed on several website that the greatest fear of the person who has an injury humiliation is the fear of freedom … The direct link I see with my symptoms and imprisonment in a body that keeps me to do what I want. or rather I take my body as an excuse to prevent me from doing what I feel like going to the beach, etc.. then yes we could talk for fear of freedom. Because if I managed to change my diet and lose weight, it will mean that I will not have any excuses. The excuse is that I’m afraid of being humiliated (I do not know why) by others, so I take my body as an excuse not to expose myself to such humiliation! WOW …