Waking up with back pain and dying is a feeling that unfortunately many people have this experience. The first reflex we have is to blame the mattress. Really, do we know how to choose a good mattress need to get rid from back pain? With multiple studies consulted about back pain, patients who sleep with a mattress in poor conditions are more likely to suffer back pain. We wake up less whereas with a mattress of bad quality. We usually wake up more and we are more sensitive to that we ignite ourselves back and derive in a backache the next day. The elastic has the property of adapting to the shape of the body by immediately recovering its original shape once pressure ceases.

mattress for back pain

It adapts without sagging, so that there is no pressure on the points of weight. There is no feeling that the mattress wraps around, causing unnatural postures. The foam begins to be quite hard and firm so it is ideal for those who rest better on a high firmness mattress. The problem is that with the passage of time you may end up crushing. The mattress will no longer offer a good rest. It is perfect for those who want a comfortable and cozy bed that is not too hard. It is the most usual option. If you do not sleep on the mattress of your preference, you decrease the quality of your sleep. A mattress that is comfortable for back pain the progression of the injury of your lower back, providing support.

Mattress comfortable mattress Quality: Understand and question the different physical components of the mattress. Ask for the number and position of mattress reels. Ask about the depth of the mattress mattress. You should pay attention to the thickness, as you should have at least 15 cm of thickness.  When choosing it you should pay attention to its firmness. Because you do not need one too hard or too soft, an intermediate hardness is the best.  The normal curve of the spine needs good support throughout its structure. Above all, you should have a good support the areas of greater weight of the body so that the mattress does not sink. Between these zones of greater weight is the head. Therefore, also you must have a good pillow. The shoulders and hips should have good support.

You should pay attention to the bed since if you buy a new mattress. It should be supported on a good structure, as this structure should be firm and even. It is not a good idea to buy a new one and place it on a collapsed or sunken mattress. As the new one will also deform and therefore will no longer be the best mattress for back pain. If you sleep as a couple, you should buy a king size mattress. When sleeping you need comfort, when sleeping as a couple you will rotate more times than you think during sleep. While sleeping as a couple you should buy a king size. The only way you can know for sure that it will be right for you is to try it in the store where you buy it. Try it lying down. If you do not live with a couple, you must have a minimum width of 90 cm. If you live with a couple, their width should be between 1.50 and 1.60 cm. While the length will commonly be between 1.80 and 1.90 cm. It is depending on your height, calculates about 15 cm others, as some can measure 2 meters long depending on your need.