Since 2001, when a man died of cholera in Germany. The risk of infection is low. You should consider the treatment and prevention of travel.

A nine-month-old girl since 2001, the first fatality of cholera in Germany. Four children living in Oberursel, a family on Wednesday, 22 September 2010, returned from a trip to Pakistan and were admitted in very poor health in the District Hospital in Bad Homburg. The youngest child was indeed only to be resuscitated, but died of infectious disease. Meanwhile, it is the older siblings better, they could be released from intensive care in the Children’s Hospital Frankfurt-most, in which they were laid, after four days. The children were in contact with the members of the Pakistani family quarantined. The population is currently no risk of infection because it required high concentration of germs either through drinking water or food can be taken.

Cholera, a highly contagious disease

Cholera is transmitted through contaminated drinking water or infected food. An infection of humans is unlikely, since a direct contact with vomitus or excreta would be required. The causative bacterium Vibrio cholerae causes severe diarrhea, leading off with water like a white cloud, and extreme vomiting. Both lead to rapid dehydration of the body, up to 25 liters of water per day can be lost fluid. Particularly affected by the disease are risk areas with inadequate treatment of drinking water or not sufficient separation between drinking water and wastewater. In countries where there is a drinking water from rivers, is disposed of in the waste water, infections are possible epidemic. Also, sea water can be transferred to fish and vegetable from the sea food pathogens. The waste water is led into the sea in cholera germ heavily loaded areas.


Treatment of cholera

The serious bacterial infection called untreated 30-50% of affected individuals as victims. With the infusion of electrolyte solutions, dextrose, sodium chloride, sodium citrate and potassium chloride contain plenty of fluids and can be treated with antibiotics in addition to treating the patient. In Third World countries could single dose of antibiotics successfully rescuing people, while it was the substance azithromycin. Also, there is more of an oral administration of fluids has been practiced, in contrast to intravenous administration of solutions that protects the challenged digestive tract.

Prevention of cholera

Sip vaccinations are a good prevention against cholera, it should be sought before traveling to the Dominican Republic to Haiti or information to the doctor. In countries with inadequate water or in unsanitary conditions, please follow the Council urgently to use only safe water in packagings for food preparation. Drinking water can be disinfected by appropriate methods, but there is a simple method: SODIS . Water is filled into glass bottles or in clear plastic bottles and exposed to six hours of direct sunlight. Here are all diarrhea-causing bacteria destroyed. This method can therefore be practiced, especially in areas with no available technical resources.