Chiropractic science, art and philosophy of living well, get your technique to get rid of ailments that neither could imagine.

When I started going to the chiropractor was three months with numb fingers, neck discomfort, and pain in spine spend much of their day sitting working. From the first adjustments the numbness gradually went from constant to intermittent, increasing my flexibility. The next step was the gym, swimming lessons three times a week and stretching in yoga classes. After three months the symptoms had remitted in full, ” says Eduardo Quiroga.


For this Administration official, who says now feel happy to be liberated from the burden of your pain, chiropractic helped him not only get rid of what limited their daily terribly but to change their lifestyle because keeping your visits every two weeks prevents relapses and leads a healthy life when they began their pain episodes. The chiropractic considered that tool for healing science, art and philosophy of life, comes with a message of optimism and essential information: the adjustment of the vertebrae (when suffering from a subluxation) and spinal cord, nervous system gets better without pills without tides, without massage, or surgery, restoring the body’s natural ability to self-healing.

And with the name of subluxation Vertebral we refer simply to the displacement of a vertebra that reduces mobility and just pinning the nerves to trigger multiple physical problems. This is popular in terms of nerve impingement or displacement of one to three millimeters instead of a vertebra (which usually makes us see the stars), and the chiropractic doctor corrects an exact fit and specific, with its extensive training.

Pillars of chiropractic

Jose De San Juan, Doctor of Chiropractic who performs work in Malaga, after completing his studies in the U.S. for 7 years at Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina (where he graduated in 2000), tells us that the premises of chiropractic are 3:

1 st. “A properly functioning body has the innate ability to self-healing.”

2 nd. “The nervous system is responsible to regulate and control all functions of the body.”

3 rd. “A vertebral subluxation is corrected with chiropractic, restoring balance to the nervous system and body’s natural ability to recovery.”

” As a result of this interference in the nervous system is the subluxation ” says St. John, “and by adjusting it we give all the tools you need for the body to reset and run the most, the pain disappeared.”

And how this process occurs without drugs?

Because the way the brain has to communicate with the rest of the body through the nervous system, provided it is not how are you to point out interference of displacement or subluxation. Speaking on the vertebral body only recovers his health without drugs.

What causes these movements of the vertebrae?

There are thousands of reasons: falls, accidents, poor posture, stress, interference by emotional problems or physical stresses of daily life, such as toxic interference snuff, alcohol, or environmental pollution, bad habits that ultimately affect the nervous system . So after adjustments, the inflammation caused by subluxation disappears innate wisdom that the body has. means that there are diseases that apparently have nothing to do with the spine and yet find in her their root.

Indeed, diseases or ailments such as headaches, shoulders, arms, wrists, legs, lumbago, sciatica, cervical related dizziness, vertigo, herniated discs, tiredness, lack of energy, hip pain during pregnancy, arthritis, back pain, numbness in hands, to name just a few examples. Some people think that some of these ailments can be cured by massage . No, we do not do massages but adjustments to the vertebrae. The massages are related to physical therapists who do work quite different from ours.Nor are you doctors. No, medicine is a different race, we deal with health but studied chiropractic.

What is your specific training?

Studied anatomy, cadaver dissection, physiology, biology. biochemistry, chiropractic adjustments, pathology, microbiology, neurology, psychiatry, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, radiography, nutrition, among others, that is, a total of 4,485 hours of study time over 7 years of career.

What exactly is this manipulation or those adjustments?

Specific techniques are sometimes made with hands, without massage, sometimes with special instruments

But there is a popular belief that the bones creak and it hurts

Neither crujimos bones or hurt. Moreover, in fact applies to babies after birth, and admit no problem. Children have frequent falls when learning to walk, play or ride a bike, carry much weight in their backpacks and all this undoubtedly affects their column, which makes them also subject of chiropractic adjustments.

And how long can a treatment to correct a subluxation?

Health issues that can never be said that each case is different and every body is unique. Some people adjust after the first notice an immediate improvement. Others need more time. And it is precisely the results found by those who undergo the treatment leading to elite athletes, executives and individuals seeking to have your body at peak performance machine, to use the services of a chiropractor, as a professional responsible for setting health point. In short, to pursue, as does the World Health Organization, social status, physical and emotional best, not just freedom from disease.