Questions that many prospective parents are asking: Is it too early to go to motherhood? If I wait, will he too late?

Multiple factors are to be considered, such as the number of births previous trip distance to the maternity, general health conditions, pregnancy, mother, etc. These elements can usually help decide when to go to motherhood. Generally, prospective parents are often advised to take the way to the hospital when the contractions keep coming back every 5 minutes. However, this rule takes into account only one parameter of the work. What other indicators to be evaluated to make the decision to wait or leave?

Questions to ask before going to the hospital?

How many births the mother had pre? This factor is important since in general, after a first birth, the work tends to be often faster. What was the length of previous birth ? What is the distance between home and hospital? Km and the peak hours are definitely crucial not to overlook when making decisions. If the mother is over 45 minutes from the birthplace and it is not his first delivery, it is probably reasonable not to expect too much. Is it a high risk pregnancy? Generally, doctors recommend that women with risk pregnancies, early enough to go to the maternity benefit to monitored closely. If in doubt, it is always best to check with the medical team.


How to differentiate between the ‘real’ and ‘false’ work and recognize the symptoms of delivery? It is of course necessary to calculate the frequency of contractions, but it is also important to monitor other signs of change, If contractions last for one hour and intensified in duration and intensity, it’s probably a sign of labor. A monitor also the behavior of the mother and other symptoms, such as the potential loss of mucus plug. The epidural will she requested? If the woman wishes to use an epidural, it is preferable to going to the hospital when the contractions seem fair, whatever the distance. Indeed, this medical procedure requires the preparation of (biological tests, temperature control, equipment check, preparation of the patient, availability of the anesthesiologist, etc).

What is the intensity of contractions? If contractions remain intense, it is best not to wait until they are at an interval of 5 minutes. If the prospective parents are anxious or nervous about a precipitate birth, go to motherhood seems reasonable. Stress and anxiety are not evidence favorable to good growth in childbirth. Most accounts of childbirth precipitate (birth in a car, home, etc) Is not a first birth. When preparing to leave his bag? Be ready to go to his bag of motherhood with the affairs of the mother and baby, helps reduce stress when work begins.

If the mother is less than 37 weeks of pregnancy and she shows symptoms of work, you must then call your doctor right away, even emergencies and get to the hospital immediately to avoid childbirth premature. In general and if it is a first birth and the mother lived within reasonable distance of motherhood, one can expect that the contractions are 3 to 5 minutes apart, they last 60 seconds and this for at least an hour (or more). The intensity of the contractions should be such that the woman has difficulty speaking and must take a break.