Knowing and taming the elements that influence pain during the birth of your baby can live better this unique event.

All women expecting their first baby ask this question: How will childbirth, and most importantly, he will be very painful?

Unequal deal with pain

Childbirth and pain are interrelated, yet while some women describe childbirth as excruciating or unbearable, some will have a positive memory. We are all unequal deal with pain, it’s true, and some deliveries are physiologically more painful than others, for example depending on the position of the baby (childbirth “by the kidneys”), or requires the use of the suction cup or forceps. But there are still two common denominators in all women: fear and emotion. These two phenomena have an influence on pain that every woman will experience.

The cultural weight

If childbirth and pain are so intertwined it is also because since the dawn of time is spoken of as two inseparable phenomena. “You give birth in pain”, that image has always portrayed women. This is where it all begins: a pregnant woman can not imagine not having trouble, or that the pain is bearable, since traditionally this is how it is described. The stories carried by the women themselves tend to feed this phenomenon, because often these stories are scary.


These descriptions are provided they exaggerated? From a very objective point of view, yes, in 90% of cases, yet a woman describing her confinement as the horrible and really lived, or at least that’s the only word she could find to describe such intensity. It does not purpose to scare others. In fact, we are “programmed” to feel pain, because our ancestors were wrong, because a birth is really a physical test, because this is a once in a lifetime event and the emotional, too often neglected, has a major impact on the experience. By acting on these parameters and the understanding that we may apprehend her delivery much more calmly. In fact, we have to deprogram.


It multiplies the pain during childbirth. A woman who is afraid will tend to withdraw into itself, to deny the contractions, especially to panic and to produce adrenaline which will adversely effect cancel painkiller endorphins produced by the body. The forces of labor can be very impressive. They almost seem an external power grabs of the body to push the baby out of you. It is there no pain, contractions can be strong without hurting, but face it a woman can be totally helpless and do not understand what is happening in it.

The solution? The preparation and breathing exercises. Preparation courses to understand everything that happens in the body and so do not be afraid of what happens, breathing exercises they have three effects: relax, distract attention from pain, and finally give the ability to control things. They allow to give a dimension slightly more down to earth in Cartesian and birth process. The mother and keeps her head on his shoulders and as reason takes precedence over all the emotion is much easier. Do not overlook these particular exercises even if you feel they are frivolous, this is not the case.


This is an often forgotten component that can yet explain many things and especially discourse surrounding childbirth for centuries. Birth to a child is an extremely hard time, the intensity of which are only a few parallels in life. Many feelings are mixed, sometimes very contradictory: the fear of change as the baby’s arrival will involve, the impatience to meet him, the fear of separation. The intense feelings felt by the mother is a bubble which grows throughout the work, to burst during the final push. This bubble had the effect of a magnifying glass, everything feels the mother is enhanced and much more intense. This is also true for the dad.

Result: not only the pain is increased tenfold, but also the dimension that the events are no longer describable. And finally, when the mom wants to talk about her experience, she will often find the words in the register of pain and always with very strong words. How can we act on this? Through breathing exercises, as explained above, but also simply by becoming aware. Added to this are of course physical exertion and fatigue on which to act is now fit throughout pregnancy.

In summary, if you’re a mom about to give birth, keep in mind that these points will help you keep a cool head when the time comes. Do not forget it exists today as an epidural means that allow for those who can benefit from experience things fully without pain for a few hours or relaxation techniques very positive (bath, yoga). Finally, remember that it was so unbearable to give birth, women would never more children.