We know all about what to eat, what is good for health, but it is very difficult to change their eating habits. It is much easier to cook the food that has been preparing since childhood to follow a cookbook every day, even if we are convinced that we always ate too fat, too salty too sweet or too our menu contains meat or starchy foods (bread, pasta, rice).

Change patterns one at a time

The important if one wishes to transform our eating habits is to change an aspect of our food at once. If you change everything overnight, it is very likely that in a short time, our habits come back at a gallop. Your palate (and your family) must tame novel foods. You can also decide to change your habits regarding the quantity of what you eat or the speed at which you eat your food. This requires the will, patience and above all perseverance.


It is difficult to change our habits, it is often because they prefer to eat our pleasure. For many, this is especially true of foods that are tasty like junk meals rich in fat and salt, and refined foods, often sweetened. It is obvious that replacing a pouting by a tofu dish with carrots is a risky, but if you know how to prepare it by adding herbs and spices that enhance the flavor while giving you much in terms of health, everyone will rejoice soon enough. Eastern recipes can give you a hand in this field, the Indians, like the Chinese or Thai or vegetables using a lot of vegetarian dishes seasoned with their success.


In favor: the healthy plate

Fruits and vegetables should be half of your plate at each meal while proteins (meat, fish, legumes) and starches (rice and whole grains) should each occupy one quarter of the plate. Complete with a source of calcium and voila!

To be avoided

Surely you know that certain foods contain empty calories and therefore provide little or no micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) necessary for our health. This is the case of white flour, white rice, pastries and sweets. But there are other substances found in certain foods affect outright absorption of vitamins and minerals. We are talking about food additives, pesticides, some medications, frying, barbecuing, etc. It is important to read labels and watch what eat, while maintaining the fun we have to sit at the table!