Abstinence instead of gluttony to the “great day”! More and more people are practicing for the carnival time in asceticism, renouncing alcohol content and full meal: mineral water instead of champagne and raw vegetables are rich in vitamins instead of high calorie chips on the menu.

And this abstinence body and soul alike get well. While such a reduction can persevere even in the normal working day, supporters of therapeutic fasting should treat their bodies as much rest. Basically you should be examined before the start of a diet doctor. Hard stand, however, that all those involved in the thyroid, heart and circulatory disease or cancer suffer fasting, should not – this is also true for children and pregnant women.


Who can devote his leisure to the fasting waived completely on solid food, drink and instead every day at least three liters of tea, vegetable broth, fruit juice and water. The body, which is prepared from a diet with an intake of Glauber’s salt and water thanks to this change, it is with the removal of metabolic products, which have been deposited in the tissues and joints. The cleaning of the intestine releases large immune reserves. To achieve the greatest possible well-being, is also recommended the elimination of coffee and cigarettes as well as nonessential drugs.

A radiant complexion, infectious good humor and high motivation are the reward of therapeutic fasting, which is always accompanied by a relaxation of the soul. Who does not want to completely give up solid food, his body still doing something good when he meets during the period from Ash Wednesday to Easter, a certain discipline in eating and drinking. The avoidance of alcohol and calorie-rich diet promotes a good night’s sleep, a dynamic start to the day secures and removes the one or other unwanted pounds. And you feel good, not least because the “inner demons” finally has once again be defeated.