Gluten intolerance must not lead to impaired quality of life. Learn more about the diagnosis, therapy and prognosis.

When celiac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine is called. This is caused by gluten-containing diet. Gluten is a certain proteins, which in the cereal rye, barley, wheat, oats and their intersections, are included such as spelled. Also direct botanical relatives of cereals contain gluten proteins called.

People suffer from celiac disease, as I said in a gluten-containing diet caused by inflammation of the small intestine. Subsequently fed nutrients can not be sufficiently absorbed. They remain undigested in the intestine back, leading to symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, muscle and joint pain, vomiting and possible weight loss.

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Especially in childhood celiac disease is particularly dangerous because it may come in the body by the inadequate intake of essential nutrients to enormous growth and development disorders. Celiac disease is in part genetically determined and can occur at any age. A large proportion of people with gluten intolerance comes from the group of diabetics.

The only currently-existing form of treatment is a gluten-free diet. This must be followed for life and strict way, as even small doses of gluten have a negative effect on health. Already diseased small intestinal mucosa recovers completely by a gluten-free diet, which allows the absorption of nutrients again. Improvement usually occurs several days after the beginning of the gluten-free diet.If the untreated celiac disease, increases the risk of lymph glands or cancer enormously.

The diagnosis

With tissue samples from the intestine is checked whether the small intestine is changed. These changes are characteristic for celiac disease to the effect that the villi disappear almost entirely (villous atrophy). In children, this is by biopsy and small bowel biopsy by gastroscopy in adults.

Evidence of celiac disease can be gained by certain antibodies in the blood. This can be detected by a blood test. A gluten-free diet, one should never begin without a doctor’s diagnosis. The associated changes in diet, the cost and effort are justified only if it is indeed celiac.

Life without gluten

With a gluten-free diet should be paid to ensure that the quality of life is not very affected by the diet. It should taste and still be gluten-free. The commercially offered range of gluten-free products is now so great that the benefit is not neglected. It is important, only products that are designated by the manufacturer as “gluten free” to buy. Because in many foods whose ingredients allow no conclusion on Glutenhaltigkeit, gluten can be present in the form of leavening agents or other additives. “The Whole Nine Yards”, should be the guiding principle for every diet in the context of celiac disease. A sloppy diet has been preserved that is the same negative health effects, such as no diet.


If the gluten-free diet is strictly followed, can result in celiac patients a completely healthy and pain-free life. Measures to cure the disease completely, there is not currently.