The pain in the right side can mean many things and make us easily alarmed but, precisely for these reasons, the first thing we must do is go to our GP for a thorough checkup. The discomfort and pain on the right side are usually related to kidney problems, appendix, pancreas or other organs, but can also be a topic in the bone ribs or hip.

Causes of pain on the right side

When to be alarmed by a pain in the side

Logically, if the pain on the right side is very strong you must go immediately to the doctor. Although, if the pain is weaker, you can allow 48 hours to see the evolution and if at the end of these two days the pain persists you should visit a specialist. Please, note that if it hurts the side after sport, probably try transient abdominal pain (DAT) or flatus , which is as we know it colloquially, to keep you from happening again we give some solutions our article how to combat flatus.

Problems in the spine

If it hurts the right side rather in the back area, you might have a spinal problem. To detect it, it will be necessary to have a spinal or x-ray of the entire spine. In many of these cases, a scoliosis is diagnosed, although you may also have some problems in the vertebrae and, therefore, we recommend a visit to the physiotherapist or the osteopath.

Problems in the spine

Appendicitis is one of the most typical problems that cause pain on the right side it will identify different from a bellyache because it is only on that side of the body. One of the first symptoms is a slight pain that appears around the navel or in the pit of the stomach, difficult to differentiate from a typical bellyache. However, during the day it becomes continuous and progressive thus becoming a pain of gravity you may think this pain is not normal.

Try to squeeze the sore area with your index and middle fingers so that, two seconds later, remove them. If you have appendicitis pressing this area, you probably will realize a small cough as or cry of pain. Try to walk or stand erect another characteristic symptom of acute appendicitis is walking shrunken and almost without moving, as the pain may decrease or increase depending on the inclination of the belly.

Pain for old operations

Many people suffer pain in the right side of the body because they have previously been operated by: appendicitis, gall bladder, stomach. In this case, what you have to do to rule out other pathologies is to perform ultrasound and ultrasound, in case there is only inflammation, it may be of some food intolerance: gluten, lactose, etc. If you discard these options, you should go to the surgeon who operated on you to rule healing problems.