The pain in the right side can mean many things and make us easily alarmed. Precisely for these reasons, the first thing to do is to go to our GP for a thorough checkup. Discomfort and pain on the right side are often related to kidney, appendix, pancreas or other organs problems, but it may also be a bone issue in the area of ​​the ribs or the hip. If you have a pain in your right side, do not miss the detail of this article from in which we will explain the possible causes of pain in the right side and some more things to keep in mind.

Causes of pain on the right side

When to be alarmed by a pain in the side

Of course, if the pain in the right side is very strong you should go to the doctor immediately. Although, if the pain is weaker, you can allow 48 hours to see the evolution and if at the end of these two days the pain persists you should visit a specialist. Attention it is possible to emphasize that in case you have a bad side after sport it is probably transient abdominal pain (DAT) or flatus which is how we know it colloquially, to avoid it happening again we give you some solutions in Our article how to combat flatus.

Causes of pain in the right side

This pain can be caused by many diseases some important and some not. For example, it can be the result of poor digestion, gas or constipation. This type of pain, especially if it is on the right side, could be a sign of something more serious like appendicitis pancreatitis, food poisoning, ectopic pregnancy, diverticulitis, viral hepatitis, kidney or gallstones, gastritis, stomach ulcer, pelvic inflammation reflux, irritable bowel syndrome disease, lactose intolerance, urinary tract infection hernia.

Problems in the spine

If your right side hurts rather in the back area, you may have some problem in the spine. To detect this, it will be necessary to have a spinal or x-ray of the entire spine. In many of these cases, a scoliosis is diagnosed although you may also have some problem in the vertebrae and, therefore we recommend a visit to the physiotherapist or the osteopath.

The pain in the right abdominal side can be appendicitis

Appendicitis is one of the most typical evils that cause pain in the right side you will identify it different from a tummy ache because it is only on that side of the body. One of the first symptoms is a slight pain that appears around the navel or in the pit of the stomach, difficult to differentiate from a typical bellyache. However, during the day it becomes continuous and progressive, thus becoming a pain of gravity you may think this pain is not normal.

Try to squeeze the painful area with your index and middle fingers so that, two seconds later, remove them. If you have appendicitis, pressing this area will probably cough or make a small cry of pain. Try to walk or stand erect another characteristic symptom of acute appendicitis is walking shrunken and almost without moving, as the pain may decrease or increase depending on the inclination of the belly.

Pain in the ribs right side

If you have a pain in the ribs of the right chest area can be for several reasons, as always it is best to go to a doctor especially if the pain persists after taking a muscle relaxant and is a shooting pain.

Bone cancer

The treatment of these diseases or diseases will depend on the level and timing of each. The first step could be an over-the-counter pain reliever, if you do not calm down the pain, you should go to the doctor to prescribe a stronger analgesic but you should immobilize the area and take rest.

Pain for old operations

Many people suffer pain in the right area of ​​the body because they have previously been operated on appendicitis gall bladder stomach. In this case what you must do to rule out other pathologies is to perform ultrasound and ultrasound, in case there is only inflammation, it can be of some alimentary intolerance: gluten, lactose, etc. If you discard these options, you should go to the surgeon who operated on you to rule out healing problems.

Treatment for lateral pain

The pain on the side either right or left, as always, depends on the cause. If the pain is caused by a muscle spasm, rest, physical therapy and exercise are recommended. When this pain is caused by arthritis of the spine, non-steroidal anti and physical therapy may be prescribed to learn how to perform exercises at home. If you want to see a video about the pain in the right side, you can click here.

When pain is a stomach issue a light diet is recommended, not eating vegetables or fruit as they are harder to digest. In the case of kidney infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Surely, you will also receive fluids and analgesics. Hospitalization may be required if conditions such as appendicitis or problems requiring surgery are involved. If it has been helpful to know the causes of pain on the right side you may also want to read this other article on causes of pain on the left side.