Poor eating habits and physical inactivity are the causes of obesity. But solutions exist to reduce the risks associated with overweight.

Obesity may be linked to a disease such as hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome or depression, with the consumption of certain antidepressant medications, but only 1% of overweight patients is related to these factors. Thus, this exception should never be generalized, because real factors are the cause of this excess fat.

The causes of obesity

The abundance of rich food with dishes ready, industrially processed food more fatty, sugary and salty foods are unhealthy eating habits of the population in industrialized countries. In addition to its caloric intake too strong, fast food offers for its immediacy of food, served quickly and also ingested rapidly, at any time of day. The size of meals around a table and a meal, and is undermined. Similarly, the absence of measurement portions facilitates a quick weight.


However, one undeniable factor also contributes. Indeed, it is positive that most households cook too fat. Meat or fish, for example, pass comfortably butter or oil in good stoves. Too heavy a hand on everything that constitutes the seasonings or additives sauces, condiments, oil, butter, etc. Opens the way to obesity. Generally ranging from pairs with poor eating habits, physical inactivity is symptomatic of overweight. Both adults and children are not enough sports. Between work, school and television screens and computer, we do not take the time to walk out exercising, going to spend.

The risk of overweight

Obesity combines many health hazards. It increases the risk of hypertension, dyslipidemia (blood fat), diabetes, coronary artery disease (narrowing of one or more heart arteries cause, including heart attack), stroke (CVA) in general, diseases of the gallbladder, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems and endometrial, breast, prostate and colon. In short, obesity, compared to all these aspects, greatly increases the risk of mortality.

Solutions to avoid overweight

To avoid these risks, it is imperative that everyone is restructuring its power. The food should not be a “filler” irrational and reckless, but a means to feed themselves. This is how we find pleasure in eating, feeling hunger, at specific times of day, morning, noon and night, around a table. Take time to eat enough chewing is important. Snacking between meals is thus completely at odds with the idea of ​​a healthy diet. That said, it is also reconsidering how to cook. It is important to do without the fat and feel the natural taste of foods to enjoy them at fair value, knowing also the balance between starch servings, meat or fish and vegetables.

In the same spirit, many eating habits are banned, such as fast food, sweets, pastries, in favor of less rich food and more nutritious. To lose weight permanently, it is essential to take regular physical activity whatsoever. You can get help from nutritionists who are working to understand the patient’s obesity problem and to enable him to master, with dietary advice, relating to sport and with psychological treatment. Even if such a decision is not taken lightly, seek surgery is another possible use with, among other processes, the placement of a gastric band. However, it remains undeniable that the will is an essential ingredient to leave the state of overweight and obesity, as compared to the change of food and change the way we look at diet.