Heart attack, stroke, heart attack, death, despite great progress, cardiovascular disease remains a major cause of death in France.

Cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in France. Approximately 150,000 people die each year from stroke. New technologies now allow a substantial gain in the treatment and surgical options, but prevention is the only way to limit the risks.

Cardiovascular risk

Cardiovascular disease means all diseases of the heart and arteries. They are caused by cholesterol deposits on artery walls. These deposits eventually obstruct blood flow to feed the organs, the brain or heart. The development of these diseases depends on several factors such as age, smoking, diet, lack of physical activity and obesity or overweight. So the more you earn these factors, the risk increases to one day develop this type of disease. The family history also increases the risk, if in your immediate family an individual has made one day a heart attack or stroke (CVA). With age, the probability of having a heart attack increases significantly after 50 years in men and 60 for women, women are more protected until menopause.


Factors and symptoms

Learn to identify cardiovascular risk factors can not underestimate them. Indeed, silent symptoms too long can have unintended consequences. Because even if you feel healthy, your arteries can become blocked for many years, since they can accumulate cholesterol deposits on artery walls that will form atherosclerotic plaques. This is known as atherosclerosis. The narrowing of the arteries leads gradually slowing blood flow and poorer oxygenation of vital organs like the brain or heart. Thus, the formation of a clot can abruptly interrupt the blood flow and cause a stroke, myocardial infarction.

A small stroke may cause a transient local paralysis, a sore arm or shoulder, a momentary veil of an eye. the fact remains that it will immediately consult your doctor and get ready to surgery or to medication. But strokes are serious about them without appeal, they cause death, coma or disability often have serious consequences. To verify the presence of symptoms, you should ask your doctor, an annual blood test to check cholesterol levels, and to check your blood at least two times per year after 45 years. If you have any doubts, do it now. These “warning” will consider whether to intervene and take their health care rather than going into the block.

Act to reduce the risk

By limiting your intake of fat and sugar, you avoid being overweight which forces your heart to increased work and increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. To reduce the risk factors, you do not need to follow a strict diet, just follow some basic dietary advice. Avoid a diet high in fat, and prefer white meat and vegetables to meats especially red meat or consumed in excess.

Beware of manufacturers who are ready meals too often high in sugar, salt and fat. It is also desirable to prepare the dishes and thinking about the dosage. Eat a balanced diet by eating fish frequently, fruit and we do not say it enough: vegetables! Side seasoning, we must focus olive oil, rapeseed and grapeseed for cooking. Steam cooking is ideal and the kitchen is to avoid butter and fried foods. Beware also of great meals in high-fat sauce. Attention to nibbling off the main meal, why be sure to eat during meals in order not to feel hunger pangs.

Finally, two key issues: the tobacco is of course absolutely banned, smoking cancels the natural protection enjoyed by women until menopause, thanks to their hormones. Your body is less well oxygenated and highly increased risk. Alcohol consumption should be moderate, not more than two drinks per day, it is highly desirable. It is also important to practice regular physical activity. The advantages are many: you limit your weight gain, you decrease the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and you limit the fat in the blood along the way you reduce your cardiovascular risk.

Attention, it is not starting an intensive sport, but sweet. For example, walking more than 30 minutes a day is good exercise simple and efficient, swimming and cycling are also welcome. The important thing to understand is that there are no options, no choice, it is an essential and inseparable triptych, unless otherwise directed by physician: balanced diet + smoking cessation + physical activity. Yes that is what he is, change of lifestyle, and a realistic prerequisite to qualify for a certain benefit which you will yourself happy and healthier. Sometimes this is not enough and in this case your doctor may prescribe a treatment.