The car sickness, also called and known by the name of motion sickness, it is a disorder that causes discomfort and nausea, almost always accompanied by vomiting. Sufferers can be any age and may feel ill during both short and long trips, it is a motion sickness, which occurs exclusively when the body is transported from one medium, such as a car, but it could also evident while traveling by bus, boat or plane, or even on the rides. Generally the sickness begins to occur very early as age, to 2 years, maximum 3, and can last beyond adolescence until, in some cases, into adulthood.


The symptoms are the classic general malaise of which the child starts complaining almost immediately that leads him to have:

* Bad for your belly
* Dizziness
* Pallor
* Pain in my head
* Nausea
* Vomiting

Among all the vomiting is the worst symptom, because after the child feels a sense of exhaustion and tiredness, but perhaps the only positive aspect is that sometimes, after vomiting, the children fall asleep and the trip runs faster.


Causes of sickness

Disorder arises from the nerve centers, deputies to the regulation of which are concentrated in the ear, at the level of vestibular apparatus. Over the ear is a Member of the eye, which of course also sends the input to the brain for what concerns the balance. This is an issue not heterogeneously widespread, because only a few people and children suffering from it, this is bad seen, for example when you are subject to vertical movements of the floating boats, in other people dizziness or nausea are greater when traveling by car on roads with curves, etc..

Tips before departure and during the trip

Make breakfast for children, a full stomach will aid compared to an empty stomach, which causes increased production of acid and fluids that affect then the nausea. Better to introduce a few liquids, instead better opt for dry foods. Bring along salty snacks as crackers or Iaccoca, to munch on during the journey if necessary, but do not drink too much water. Please also equipped with plastic bags (like those for fruits that give the market), which will be useful in case of vomiting sudden. traveling Have the child sit in a proper way, never lying, trying as much as possible to maintain a stable.

It would be advisable, if possible, place the child seat next to the driver, do so distracted watching the road is always a useful way we say anti-nausea. Also involve him in games to play together, listen to music, sing, do not silence if possible. Would not recommend books instead, as the reading may instead encourage the nausea and all the consequences. No cigarettes lit by car, rather do the stops, and the baby will be a relief and an opportunity for adults to smoke in peace without poison anyone. It is also a good thing to travel at night or in the evening, usually children suffer less. In Ship choose the central cabins, while on the plane is good to opt for the seats at the wings.