Very difficult to manage in everyday life, food allergies would affect about 8% of French children.

About 3% of the French population today suffers from food allergies. Worse, nearly 8% of children in the Hexagon suffer daily, and since a very young age. And these data are constantly increasing in recent years. Suffice to say that, for them and their parents, school canteens are too often almost inaccessible places. Thus, many of these autopilots were forced to eat at home or with a third party as a direct result of a refusal to host almost universal in many structures. Not always easy when you know the little time available to schoolchildren today noon time sometimes less than an hour dedicated to the meal.

However, in recent years, there are solutions, as well as laws and rules are not always enforced yet. We insist on the fact, for example, since 1999, schools are required to accommodate children with allergies. A first step. Pathology is indeed now considered a long-term illness in itself does not prevent the school but to be what is called an individual project home (PAI), in the same way other handicaps.


Obligations despite rarely enforced law

This is a device developed at the request of the family of the child concerned, which involves the doctor and the allergist after the young patient. It has been possible to include allergy in the long list of chronic diseases, allowing the medication to the school grounds and especially encourage school hall and restaurants to accept food baskets provided by parents. The canteen must undertake to keep the meal tray and warm dishes.

Obligations which, however, seem very restrictive for personal and relevant structures are rarely enforced and despite the law and which are often in disarray dives families. But since 2004 a new circular provides custom home projects also be applied in all curricular areas (cafeterias, playgrounds, sports halls, leisure centers and receptions). It is easier to develop menus and to better inform school personnel about the disease and treatments to make emergency. But the solution to be applied in schools has still not been found. Case to monitor so.