The question may sound, to most people, as a question absurd and devoid of any rationale. But in reality it is not. Many, indeed, many are wondering if you can do the sunlamp in the presence of menstruation, and many do not know how to give an answer very convincing or reliable. Here is some useful information for clarification.

The answer is yes

Do not worry, even during your menstrual cycle, the fanatics of the artificial tan do not have to give up their session tanning beds. In fact, there are no specific contraindications in this sense. There are risks, but those already known for the skin, which leads it to avoid the sun or tanning showers during menstruation.

Attention to the pressure

The only, possible side effect, aided by the heat generated from the tanning lamps, concerns the blood pressure. In fact, during menstruation some women suffer from drops in pressure, weakness, fatigue, and fatigue. In these cases, undergo an intensive session of artificial tanning may worsen the symptoms, causes, at worst, severe malaise or fainting. If the tanning bed is really a must even in those days, the advice is to maximize ventilation (present in every device for artificial tanning), to compensate for the “thump” of heat lamps and do not cause loss pressure.

Some general

Menstruation or not, tanning lamps are definitely not a good habit. They should be used sparingly and carefully, to preserve the health of the skin. Here’s some advice useful not undergo more than ten sessions a year, do not favor the aging and free radical production, always use sunscreen protection, paying particular attention to the most sensitive areas, such as the lips and contour eyes; Always wear goggles are essential to protect the retina from the aggression of UV; Always remove makeup and cosmetics carefully before exposure; Avoid sunbathing natural and the artificial sun on the same day so as not to traumatize the skin; best to stay away from the sun, but also for the lamps, if you are taking medications that can react to the radiation; After each session, apply a generous amount of after-sun lotion or moisturizer for nourishing and soothing to the skin better.