This article provides information on the advantages and disadvantages of a Caesarean section and a vaginal delivery Caesarean section contrasting spontaneous delivery

It was customary at that time to bring his children home in the bedroom to the world, is now the trend of more and more toward cesarean births. The parturient are more concerned about the way how they get their children. Sure, hygiene plays an important role, which was not given in their 40s at the present time. Because the woman just worked in the stable and when the labor pains began, she went to bed and the midwife took the child into the world. Since the death rate was very high, went on every 10th Giving birth.

The hygiene certainly plays a role that many women today want to have their children with a planned caesarean section. In this operation, everything is sterile and the doctors are immediately available, should something go wrong. The seams are barely visible today, so here also the fear of scarring and unaesthetic appearance can be taken.However, it should also be covered against possible dangers and disadvantages of a Caesarean section here, because a planned caesarean section, which is not medically necessary, carries its dangers.


First, it should be mentioned that a caesarean section is not optimal for the start of the life of the child. The child prepares during pregnancy in the abdomen for later life, it is getting ready for the path to life. And this leads through the birth canal. In a cesarean section, the child is taken this opportunity, which is a very important experience for everyone. It has not mastered the way to a life alone, destroyed the months of preparation at one time. The baby does not know what hit him. Just in the mother’s warm belly, then suddenly in a cold, too bright and noisy world. In the spontaneous birth here, the child is prepared for the changes in temperature.

It is scientifically proven that more caesarean children suffer from allergies and diseases than spontaneous births. Children who were delivered by cesarean section, often have asthma than others. This is due to the rapid temperature changes, the whole system is completely messed up for a few minutes.

Even with the most careful work in the operating room, it may still happen that the mother or child during surgery, and it must be mentioned at this point that it is a caesarean section is an operation to be violated by the scalpel. There is then a danger of bleeding to death of the mother or the death or disability of the baby if the injury is not immediately recognized. This point is thus equivalent to a spontaneous delivery, also present at the time of the possibility of bleeding to death or disability of the newborn is. Of course, the death rate for births in German hospitals has fallen dramatically, but unfortunately it still comes on sporadically.

Pain during and after childbirth here differ in a cesarean section and vaginal delivery. The labor and birth pain itself has the Spontaneously giving birth at the birth, which are also a reason for the choice of caesarean. Many women are afraid of the pain during the birth process. In a cesarean section, the parturient is either under general anesthesia or they can stun, can get so that they witnessed the “birth” of the child and placed her child right after the local arm.

However, the experience of mother and child at a vaginal delivery is more intense, it binds mother and child together more tightly than is the case for a cesarean section. Usually the pain after vaginal delivery are but away while following a cesarean section just starting the pain. The woman is not the first two days did not stand up, and wound healing hurts more than after a vaginal delivery. Spontaneously giving birth can get up after the birth, and continues to move slowly after two to three hours. After a caesarean section must be taken on wound healing and the wound must be patched regularly.