Abnormal redness, strange bubbles and blisters in the mouth, but in particular on the language ? It might just be a temporary disorder, an irritation due to the ingestion of food too hot, for example, but it could also be other disorders of the oral cavity of allergy or stomatitis . Possibility annoying for adults as for children. Here are some of the possible causes and remedies .

The language

It is nothing but a voluntary muscle or rather a body made up of 17 small muscles and covered with a fibrous band covered by a mucous membrane. Many functions of the tongue, the taste perception of the role played during chewing, making it a valuable character of the human body. Under normal conditions, the tongue is pink, like that of the mucous membranes lining the mouth. Its surface is smooth, flawless, and satin.


When you have canker sores

The first culprits, in the case of inflamed tongue and covered with bubbles, are canker sores , small vesicles, that break causing small ulcerations with yellowish red halo, accompanied by discomfort and heartburn . Canker sores, in addition to the language, may also affect the other mucous membranes of the oral cavity, the walls of the mouth to the gums. Useful against canker sores mouthwashes or by the action germicidal products applied directly on the affected areas with the help of a brush. In this way, you can avoid the spread of the infectious process and facilitates the healing of the lesions , which usually resolve in a week.

If it is the fault of a fungus

The language is oddly flushed, with a color that turns to deep red, but also quickly doused of white spots and small bubbles. The manager, in this case, it could be a fungus, Candida Albanians, which triggers an infection of the mouth known as thrush. The infection can be the result of the weakening of the immune system related to a period of fatigue, stress, or debilitating treatments (chemotherapy, radiation therapy), but also of a prolonged antibiotic treatment, which has altered the normal oral flora, or cortisone. In the case of oral Canadianism, after visiting a specialist usually requires the use of a mouthwash or by the action anti fungal solutions based natural tea tree oil.

In severe cases

The bubbles on the tongue can also be the most obvious symptom of other disorders and annoying, much more serious. Could be one of the events related to ‘ HIV or cancer of the oral cancer, for example.