Many women, when expecting a baby, complaining about vaginal discharge that may be white, yellowish or dark blood. Often expectant mothers are always frightened and quickly require a consultation with the doctor and hospital. Most of the time, but fortunately it is entirely physiological situations that are not attributable to a miscarriage. Specifically, brown discharge am i pregnant usually occur in the first eight weeks of gestation, the period during which happen to be deleted residues of old blood. The darker color is determined by the fact that its spill has been slow and since secretions remain for longer time in the vaginal canal, are made ​​phenomena of oxidation of the blood.


In early pregnancy

If losses are present in the first weeks of pregnancy, have a dark red to brown, do not worry. They are almost always caused from nesting of the fertilized egg in the uterus . In other cases occur in conjunction with the date on which the woman would have had her period , if she was not pregnant because the hormones are not balanced yet as to prevent bleeding . the woman should, however, consult your doctor if the bleeding becomes more abundant rather than stop after a few days, and if it starts to take on a more vivid color, also accompanied by pain. During the last months of pregnancy If, however, the losses brown in pregnancy are presented in the last few months, you should consult your gynecologist and make a visit because it could indicate problems related to the growth of the fetus and its position before the birth. When to worry about the losses usually brown in pregnancy are not cause for concern, but it is necessary Contact your doctor if:

1. continue for days
2. become abundant
3. are accompanied by nausea, abdominal pain and fatigue
4. their color changes, turning into losses of red blood live
5. if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

In any case, for the nine months to live peacefully , women should consult your gynecologist for any doubt, fear or confusion, especially if it is your first pregnancy. better to be cautious and get quiet.