The protagonist of the diagnostic breast as a preventive and inspection, the Breast ultrasound is one of the most effective instrumental tests to uncover any anomalies, cysts or nodules, which nestle in the breast tissue. Here is some useful information on how it works, when it is better to do it and the cost for information.

What it is, how it works?

It is nothing but a diagnostic examination , useful in the prevention of breast cancer, non-invasive, painless and free of side effects. The breast ultrasound uses ultrasound to ensure a kind of overview of anatomical and structural components of the breast, but not only, also of the underlying chest wall and lymph nodes that surround it. The purpose? Highlight any anomalies, strange formations, such as cysts, thickening or nodules.


The specialist, breast specialist or radiologist, after spreading a layer of transparent gel, the function of the conductor able to support the transmission of ultrasound, on the breast, passes a probe on the skin, performing scans perpendicular and radially. All in a completely painless and fast: this diagnostic method, in addition to not imply any particular preparation, is non-invasive, does not involve any type of ionizing radiation, and, therefore, does not involve any risk to health.

When it

There are no schedules or deadlines that apply to all cases. All women between 20 and 40 years should periodically check the breast, with self-examination, with gynecological or breast and, once a year or every two years (according to the indication of the specialist) to undergo a ‘ultrasound.
Ultrasonography, in fact, is considered the diagnostic procedure of choice for women under forty years of age. Only in the presence of formations or anomalous thickenings, usually, the specialist recommend other more invasive examinations, such as mammography and biopsy (which consists in the withdrawal of a portion of tissue to be analyzed).

The cost

In Italy there are two possibilities. The ultrasound examination may be made ​​privately, usually in addition to a clinical breast examination, or take advantage of the National Health Service . He first case, the cost to put in quotation varies from 60 to 140 Euros, depending on the structure chosen and the specialist, in the second case there is an outflow of the ticket , the amount of which varies from region to region.