For those who are not prepared to take the plunge, blood donation is a step feared. Here in detail how to pass a gift

Communication campaigns about blood donation go unnoticed most often those who are not prepared to give. And yet this small gesture of solidarity is not painful nor troubling. Here are details on how to place a donation. You only have to try it yourself. A Saturday like any other, we get up in a good mood. The breakfast is an opportunity to chew some nice sandwiches and not to forget a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, orange juice or a fruit. This morning it is decided you will give blood for the first time. Contrary to what some believe, the breakfast is essential before donation. It is not a blood for analysis but a symbolic gesture that requires energy.

Blood donation appointment without

Blood donation is voluntary and is done without appointment at the hospital for slots offered by the French Blood Establishment (EFS). Nurse welcomes you to “stop”. For a first donation, some paperwork is required: identity, age and address. You are given a booklet of general information on donating blood, platelets, bone marrow and a questionnaire that will have carefully read and complete. You asked about traveling outside the European continent, about your family history, your relationships and your environment, your body.


A doctor receives

In turn, a physician receives donors in a medical office, take your blood pressure, review with you all the questions and answers. Then you reach the room where nurses gifts smiling happy and will surely serve you a glass of orange juice and you drag a fruit paste in hand. You settled on a long chair asking you what you want to arm for the donation. A small cotton disinfectant, needle slid into the crook of the arm during breathing and compresses to conceal, so as not unnecessarily anxious donor. Hop!, Voila and the hard work is already done! A tape holding the tube in which flows the blood and, sometimes, we can offer you a video to pass the time.

The blood sample is measured depending on your weight and sex

The nurse takes a few samples to be analyzed before leaving the “pocket” fill near you. A sensor measures the amount of blood recovered at the request of the physician based on your weight and your gender. You do not you empty your blood even if you forget the nurse, I promise! The needle is then removed, and a bandage is applied as for blood. You tilt the seating position to resume its serene minds, and it’s already over.

The nurses will not let you get up if you’re a little pale, so take the time to breathe slowly before reaching the small dining room. On the menu: coffee, waffles, pancakes, pate, cheese, cakes, orange juice. What you give strength to continue the day. For all those who have taken the plunge first and sometimes went beyond their fears, blood donation is a moment of personal satisfaction. Say today we did something for others, it’s something.