Swollen belly, too much, and flatulence unexpected that threatens to embarrass, in the case of flatulence, the first habit to change is the power. Vary your diet, choosing a more balanced diet and balanced is the best move to try to alleviate the hassles of this intestinal disorder. Here are the right foods, to bring to the table, and those to be avoided, in order not to worsen the situation.

What’s this

The bloating is a disorder that affects as many as 15% of the Italian population. Characterized by the presence of an excessive amount of gas inside the intestines, bloating, which is also called meteoric syndrome, also causes an unpleasant feeling of tension and bloating.


Foods yes

Among Allies to enter, more often, in power, to counteract the appearance of bloating, there are: fennel, anise, cumin, myrtle, blueberries, apples and mint.

Foods to avoid

If the list of allowed foods, the ones to be marked with a “Yes” believes, is considerably restricted the food ” No “to avoid or greatly limit in case of flatulence is more nourished. Here is what are the foods in question: bananas, chocolate, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, from wine to hard liquor, the cheeses, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, whipped cream, mayonnaise, sugar, jam, the crumb of bread, pastry, meat broth, the fries, beans, plums, lentils, broad beans, the onions, sauerkraut, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, artificial sweeteners.

Some useful advice

Changing your diet is the first trump, but to really win the battle against bloating, better fielding other allies. In particular, it is important to chew slowly, avoid overeating and eating the fruit, especially sugary food. Better and small frequent meals to be consumed slowly, without haste and enthusiasm, rather than a few heavy meals. At the origin of the disorder is very often the bloating, namely the introduction of too much air during the intake of food, mainly linked to bad habits, such as eating quickly, drinking carbonated beverages or too often chew gum. To be kept at a safe distance, moreover, even the most dangerous food coupled to the formation of intestinal gas too. To avoid, for example, the association between meat and cheese, eggs and legumes, which are likely to worsen the situation.