Blisters on hands, whether it’s a problem more common in the summer, guilty of the appearance of itching and discomfort for adults and children, affecting only the hands or legs and feet, the causes possible, as well as its remedies are numerous and diverse. Here are some examples and some useful information.

The possible causes

One of the most likely causes, against whom it is easy to point the finger at when they appear on the hands of the strange bubbles is dyshidrosis. It is a skin disease characterized by the appearance on their skin blisters filled with fluid. The fault can also be dermatitis, a condition affecting the skin which can have many causes, from genetics to allergic reaction, which is manifested by itchy skin, red spots, bubbles of different sizes and dryness of the skin of the hands.


The bubbles could be classified as one of the possible consequences of allergy. This may be the obvious manifestation of contact allergy, but also the result of a food allergy. It is nothing but an allergic dermatitis, which has as one of its possible symptoms of the blisters, commonly known and recognized as bubbles.

Less frequent, but not impossible, the presence of blisters on the skin of the hands caused by a chronic and non-contagious skin disorder, psoriasis , usually recognizable by the presence of rounded areas of skin reddened, bruised and covered with silvery-white scales. Among the possible causes blisters on the hands, in addition, must also be included burns and burns. Thermal trauma that may create lesions on the skin such as blistering and redness.

The remedies useful

In each case his remedy. If in the case of minor burns and minor burns enough to topical creams moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory therapy in the case of hydrolysis under specialist advice should be based on specific creams, wet compresses and sessions of photo therapy .