Protein provides the basic principles of the cells, it thus deals with the reflexes of the mechanism of cells and cell construction. Almost a dozen amino acids are called fundamental which the histidine, essentially constitutive childhood, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine. The protein is also a vehicle for genes according to a genetic code in DNA, it is located in the hair, nails and skin. It defines the characteristics of each individual. She plays so different roles in the body, Defender with antibodies, routing with hemoglobin which diffuses oxygen into the blood, catalyst with enzymes.

The protein can be of vegetable or animal origin, but it is present in each food, only the content varies from one food to another. Fundamental and constitutive body amino acids are rather in foodstuffs of animal origin, in meat, crustaceans, eggs, dairy products and fish and shellfish. Some are fairly large concentration in plants, such as cereals and legumes (soy, chickpeas, lentils and dry beans), and oleaginous fruit (almonds, peanuts, nuts, pinion). Ten natural amino acids are specific to humans, the remains can be synthesized. These foods provide energy intake which is estimated at between 10 to 15% of the daily needs of the people. Across the three main meals, amino acid plants and animals must always be present with more quantity for animal amino acids because they are rather crucial components for the muscles and functional systems: the composition of the bone structure, maintenance and tissue regeneration, the diffusion of oxygen and energy there is exhaustion.


Doses vary also according to the subjects, so pregnant women, they should be higher in lactating women. Athletes also need enough increased because the muscle volume essentially depends on amino acids provided by foods. They remedy the tiny tears and lesions affecting muscle tissue in an effort. Food supplements in the form of powder or capsules are on the market in order to identify daily rations and complement for subjects whose status or activities require a high enough rate. In case of deficiency, disease may occur. Studies have shown that sepsis can be avoided if the amino acid and enzyme present in foodstuffs arrive to limit blood clotting. The G-protein is also characterized as preventive against hepatitis c. results of acid nucleic ‘guanine’, this type is recommended in the fight against this inflammatory disease of the liver in actively transmitting information in cells, this is actually a feature that suspends or stimulates the reactions in a cell by emitting signals early.

It is also crucial in the prevention of other diseases such as diabetes, alcoholism and cancer of the pituitary gland. Another type would be a revolution because it is estimated with a leading virtue, the p43, which is still in full study and experimentation, it would be against the spread of precancerous cells by preventing the connection between blood vessels and these cells. Already present in the human body, it may be increased in quantity by injection. The protein is also used to complete the form, it is essential for the system to be effective because there food, especially soybeans, which provide a sensation of full. Its main role, which is to further strengthen the body through muscles is a great help to lose weight, because we already know that muscles allow to get rid of cellulite. Should what foods we therefore promote to reach the ideal rate? We must simply eat ‘variety’, not to exclude the food of animal origin on his plate because they are best placed to provide the constituent amino acids.