New causes of sexual dysfunction or impotence erérctil, which affects 50% of over 40 years, pointing to overweight and obesity.

A research group at the University of Sao Paulo and Georgia published last June in the journal British Journal of Urology International study that points to a key that helps grown men suffer from erectile dysfunction: the diet and, more specifically, excessive consumption of animal fats.


The relationship between erectile dysfunction and overweight is overwhelming

So far, there is some evidence supported by statistics related to overweight and obesity with this disorder that, only in Spain, affecting more than two million men over 18 years, acknowledged by the Lilly company . Now, through the findings of this study, we added one more factor in addition to the known sources psychological, psychosomatic or traumatic sexual impotence. Not that being obese or overweight to become a man impotent, but the consumption of animal fats, especially from those used in prepared foods, determines a type of obesity or overweight can lead to erectile dysfunction suffer .

Obesity, a disease of the Western world

Obesity is determined as a disease and affects more than 6 million Spanish adults. Moreover, overweight is more widespread and although a direct relationship between having a few extra kilos and become obese, do not require specific medication for treatment. In Spain, the National Statistics Institute, INE, in their data indicates that overweight affects almost 17 million Spanish. To combat overweight, which is reached by having a sedentary lifestyle, there are many diets as temporary notoriety, as the case of the Dukan diet, or a scientifically controlled, as is the case of the company’s proposal Pronokal say reach that point, significant weight loss.

The recommendations for healthy living

The website of the National University of Distance Education, UNED, has published a guide to nutrition in the practice offered to control bad eating habits and to help in the treatment of diabetes, but it is perfectly extensible application in the management of overweight as the source of it. The guide cites fats such as margarine and butter that do very few vitamins and minerals, so without leaving their consumption, should constitute only a small part of the overall diet. Particularly those at room temperature solid fats, animal fats precisely, consumption should be reduced to a minimum because they are the origin of heart disease.

The jump in evidence as recent scientific studies

As reported in the online magazine Healthy Eating at the beginning of the millennium, a study showed in the journal Pediatrics found that the intake of foods cooked with animal fats, particularly in ready meals, is closely linked to being overweight, as these diets offer a high caloric intake . And so much has risen in the last decade has doubled the amount of calories consumed on premises and fast food restaurants. Published work included the monitoring of more than 14 000 adolescents over a period of 3 years and showed that the more times a week eating these foods their body mass index.