Living your life in the fast lane comes with a lot of stress and quite a few unhealthy choices. Living a busy, sedentary life is most often the surefire way to heart attacks, or other – sneakier – conditions to ruin our lives. To avoid them, and to live an overall better life, here are a few quick tips that will help you be more active, and feel better about yourself.

be more active

1.) Take the stairs

Instead of taking the elevator all the way up to the office, why don’t you walk a few flights of stairs? You’ll consume more calories in the short term, but taking the stairs has long-term benefits, too.

Being more active and climbing the stairs will keep your brain younger in the long run, according to a recent study. And it will keep your legs in a better, more beautiful shape.

2.) Take a walk

Even if you are busy, take the time to walk at least for a few hundred yards a day. Park a couple of blocks away from the office, the grocery store (unless you have massive amounts of groceries to carry), or your kids’ school.

Walking every once in a while will not only help you be more active but also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (caused by extensive sitting).

3.) Take a break

This is especially applicable to those working at an office: take a break every hour or so, stretch, walk, and move your limbs before returning to your work.

This will not only add a bit to your daily total of activity but help your blood circulate easier – and keep your mind off your stress-causing desk job for a few moments.

4.) Eat raw carrots

You might not be always active on the outside, but your body is continuously on the job. As it works, it uses raw materials and burns calories – even to digest the food you eat.

Here’s a quick tip for you: digesting raw carrots uses more calories than its content, not to mention the energy you use by chewing them. Besides, they are a great source of vitamin A and dietary fiber.

5.) Revamp your schedule and find time to be active for a change

Re-think your schedule, and find time for physical activity. Take a good look at your schedule, and try to find activities that you spend too much time doing.

Cut back on those, and slip in some time for activity. Even if it’s just 15 minutes of pushups, squats, or rope jumps, the effects on your life will be amazing.