France Gunilla offers a lifestyle which is one of the pillars derivative or bath gel pack. This method is natural and free.

This is France Gunilla , from Polynesia, who popularized the bath derivative in France. After an initial course of study and while around the world sailing, it combines degrees and research. Since 1970, she published articles and books in order to know more the result of his experiences and observations. Of course, in a first approach, its derivative bath method can be confusing and more than a smile to even the most skeptical. However, given the results, she meets more and more followers.

Origin and history of the bath derivative

It is at the end of the nineteenth century a certain Louis realize that animals frequently moisten the groin when they are sick. He then set up a technique called “friction seat bath”. France Gunilla which is popularized this unique method that improves, free, health and well-being. It has the intelligence to simplify the technique by replacing the friction in cold water in the groin and perineum by wearing a gel pack cooled. Bath derivative is one of the pillars of his method. This method also advises care clay, enjoy the sun and carefully feed mindful that our stomach is not a garbage!


How does the bath derivative?

Louis guess toxins move through the body as a result of temperature changes. In recent years, the discovery of the fascia tends to corroborate the assumptions Kuhn. fascia is a sort of net around our bodies from head to toe and behaves as the royal road to fat fluid and metabolic waste. To do its job properly, the fascia which takes its source near the intestines to contract and to do nothing better than cold baths and derivatives for stimulating.

Multiple Benefits bath derivative Laughing the France

The gel pack placed in contact with the perineum promotes motility and contractions of the intestine and fascia. This allows the intestines to do its job and fascia of circulating fats. Thanks to its cleansing properties and detoxifying the bath derivative relieves many ailments. Here is a partial list:

* Acne and other skin rashes
* Lack of appetite
* Sunburn
* White hair (find color)
* Constipation
* Varicose veins, heavy legs
* Migraine, neuralgia, headache
* Dental pain (teething in babies)
* Eczema
* Various outgrowths
* Sleep, fatigue, lack of energy
* Weight, water retention, cellulite
* Psychological shocks
* Colds
* Muscle tone

How to use the gel pack

Babies, men, women, children, all will be better off using the bathroom derivatives. To do this, there are pockets of gel specific place in the freezer. One can also use the pockets specially designed to relieve sports injuries and wrap in paper towel before applying against the skin of the perineum. To obtain maximum efficiency, it is necessary to repeat the operation several times a day to arrive at least 3 hours. It is important to remove the gel pack as soon as it warms. The application time is a function of health problems and age, it is obvious that any young child will simply shorter sessions. It is for each to find his rhythm.