Following a binge eating that has lasted for many years, conditions predisposing to family level or endocrinologist problems, such effect, we have a number of people who suffer from obesity , even severe, which increases more and more. Several senior years ago, choosing to enter in the operating room to solve a problem of severe obesity dramatically could be frightening. Yet over time (the first operations date back to the early ’70s), the choice to undergo bariatric surgery has become more and more taken into consideration , especially by those who have struggled in vain with dietary adventures, failures and most of all a situation on the edge of society.


Bariatric Surgery When an obese person begins to have serious problems that could affect your health, to life itself, bariatric surgery can effectively represent the solution. badged The first operations are the United States, only after crossing the oceans and seas, have arrived in Europe and then in our country, where, by dint of not exactly emulate lifestyles “Mediterranean”, are increasingly manifesting problems related to overweight and obesity before then. surgery to solve obesity is a very delicate, to which we arrive after a long journey, because when diet, exercise and drug treatments are not enough, the patient with major metabolic problems, heart, circulatory, endocrine no longer able to live in normal way. In this case, we must resort to special care, often because they are unable to move independently, as severe obesity weighs a lot on joints and bones. In short, the problems add up and lead to difficult decisions, even psychologically. Among the choices bariatric-level interventions include:

1. Ball contrasting: a sphere of silicone is placed at the gastric level, with the aim of stimulating a kind of artificial satiety. The balloon is removed after about 6 months.
2. Gastric reversible practice widely used, it sets a “strap” around the stomach to slow the passage of food, so the patient should eat less.
3. Gastric Bypass: you miss a part of the stomach and the food in this way passes faster in the gut, then reduces absorption.