Bacterial flora and prevention of diabetes: new discoveries!

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder among the most popular, along with obesity in our country, and unfortunately affects both in childhood and in adulthood. New research highlights the preventive role of the intestinal flora. Role of bacterial flora in the intestine is considered our second brain, not the case in many people especially anxious you highlight different problems, concentrated at this level. Inside living many more bacteria than what we might imagine, many of which are very useful for our health, for example, to assimilate and absorb the nutrients that every day we are going to introduce in the diet, but not only that: it is now clear that this is a narrow view, because the intestinal flora may also preside over an important preventive function right in our intestines.


Reading the journal “Science” it turns out that alterations of the intestinal flora may be one of the causes of diseases such as diabetes, allergies, obesity, and some problems affecting the heart. Cause or effect? Failure flora balance Intestinal are a cause or an effect of these diseases? cells of the intestine are fundamental and their operation is closely related to the intestinal flora and bacteria that live in it, in short, we could say that we depend on many of these bacteria, such as for the production of vitamin K (important for blood clotting, but not only, also for the bone calcium), then one could assume that the failure or incorrect operation is the cause of some diseases.

The balance between good bacteria and bad and diabetes Only the right balance between good and bad bacteria makes us live well, in fact, if the bad outweigh the good we are more exposed to disease, are more prone to infection, and are therefore more vulnerable. bacterial flora must always be re- after a treatment, such as antibiotics. Researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto have just studied this aspect, focusing on the flora can be manipulated in favor of man to prevent certain diseases, such as for example, the type 1 diabetes.

The experiment saw the transplantation of healthy flora from healthy mice to mice predisposed to develop diabetes type 1, the result showed a higher incidence after transplantation. immune system was thus fortified, even if diabetes does not occur only for a problem of flora is not in balance! abdominal pain and intestinal flora is often evident that the lack of balance in the intestinal flora is the cause of such disorders, bloating and intestinal pain, irritable bowel syndrome etc.. So we try to encourage the development of a good intestinal flora and friendly bacteria that can help us feel better, for example, better understand their symbiotic foods and functional foods .