Everyone complains at one time or another to have a bad back. Here are some tips to follow to better understand and resolve the causes of pain.

Let him who has never had a bad back raises his hand! Thing in the morning? The night coming home from work? After a drive? Or even chronically for some hard to escape back to that, instead of our support, becomes executioner. This article does not address musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) due to poor working conditions, but rather more general syndrome of back pain in man in the world.

The visit to the osteopath

Osteopathy is now recognized and, for some practitioners, reimbursed by your insurance. There is therefore more hesitant to have to see. Why osteopathy? You should know that radiography does not detect the strain in the joints of the spine, let alone the tensions surrounding tissue. Only the skilled hands of a practitioner may reveal a lesion. You should also know that the location of a pain sometimes has nothing to do with the real causes of this pain. Neck pain may well be due to back injuries and vice versa, and a lesion in a sterno-costal (where the ribs fit on the sternum) can cause severe pain in the back. It would be unfortunate to suffer martyrdom while a sweet and simple manipulation can resolve your problem within weeks. There is now another form of osteopathy: the osteopathy. This technique, very similar to osteopathy, can detect old injuries, unnoticed. When all else fails, the osteopathy The results can be unexpected and almost miraculous.


Watch your sleep

Sleep deprivation is a cause of back pain in some people. The pain occurs most often in middle of day and advances to tonight. If you have the opportunity to take a nap, it’s good to catch a short night in a deep sleep in the afternoon. The ten minutes of sleep flash are not sufficient in this case. A real nap is needed, with a full sleep cycle (forty-five minutes to an hour). If you can not have that luxury, so try to extend your night a good time and get the weekend in a systematic way.

The proper functioning of your intestines

If you get up every morning with “stewed kidneys” and you need a few minutes to stand up, it’s time to take control of your lifestyle and monitor your intestines. A large intestine inflated at dawn compresses your entire visceral mass and affects the lumbar vertebrae, or backbones. Constipation (another evil of the century), unsuspected intolerance to gluten (more common than people think), too much dairy products try changing your eating habits for a month minimum. Intestines and back / kidney pain in late summer are common symptoms, especially early in the morning. This is the time when dealers are rubbing their hands bedding and bloom where advertisements for anti mattress back pain . It has indeed been more quick to accuse her mattress that her diet, and sometimes just waiting a few weeks or two months for symptoms to disappear.