Is a putative therapy invented by Edward Bach. Treat says hundreds of diseases with 38 flower remedies. Studies have shown its effectiveness no.

The birth of this pseudoscience and its own foundations are rooted in divine revelation. His followers claim that flower remedies can treat a wide spectrum of diseases, including diseases can be found as diverse as colon cancer and asthma. Common sense and scientific research show their utter falsity.


Dr. Bach was a British doctor lover of the mystical

Edward Bach was born in England in 1886. He studied medicine at the University of Birmingham, completing in the University College Hospital in London. Throughout his academic training was limited to the following qualifications: Graduate of the Royal College of Physicians, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Diploma in Public Health, Bachelor of Science . In practice he worked as a bacteriologist, surgical resident at the National Temperance Hospital and professor of bacteriology, becoming appointed director of the department in 1916. In 1919 Bach developed his career in London Homoeopathic Hospital as a bacteriologist and pathologist.

Finally, in 1922 Bach went looking for herbal remedies in a laboratory funded by himself. In conclusion to their experiences developed a philosophy of treatment of diseases consisting ignore the nature of the disease and the therapeutic focus on achieving the perfect harmony between soul and mind. To explain the operation of this practice Bach states that ” science does not require any, or previous knowledge without science, without theories, for everything in nature is very simple. This healing system has been revealed divinely . ”

His method treats the disease as a physical manifestation of emotional imbalances

Flower Therapy is not intended to act on the complaint directly, but on how to see the life that you have and your mood. To do a classification of the seven attitudes or moods that they considered to cause health problems in humans:

¤Discouragement or despair.
¤Excessive concern for the welfare of others.
Bach lists in his ” Healt Thyself: An Explanation of the Real Cause and Cure of Disease ” a list of plants that are reportedly capable of treating each of the attitudes listed.

To prepare the remedies must be immersed in pure water the flowers and let the sun for several hours until they begin to wilt, then the essence obtained adding two drops to a 30 ml bottle to be filled with mineral water and a few drops of brandy as a preservative. Floral therapists tell the patient how often you should take the remedy and the combination of essences necessary to treat each case. As indicated by Bach himself, all remedies are pure and innocent, so there is no risk of overdose or interaction with other substances.

Experimental evidence shows that Bach Flower Therapy is an effective zero

Usually this therapy is considered a variant of homeopathy and with the exception of Chile and Cuba is not recognized by any health care system or regulated by any country. Controlled clinical studies such as Armstrong and Ernst (1999), Wallach (2001) and Pintov (2005), as well as those undergoing scientific review ( Ernst , 2000), show the total lack of effectiveness of this therapy, so should be considered as a mere placebo.

If the reader is not satisfied with the evidence offered by modern science, can reflect on the fact that all the flowers that make this therapy are native to the region in which Dr. Bach was domiciled and no other flower in any other region has such properties. This therapy can be very dangerous to health, because patients may delay the visit to the doctor while waiting for the curative action, especially considering that therapists interpret floral worsening of symptoms following the homoeopathic law of the direction of healing , which considers the worsening of symptoms as a sign that evil is being expelled from the patient.