Sudden changes in temperature, which remind us that summer is over and autumn is just around the corner, should not take us by surprise.

Do not keep an eye on those cold mornings and cool evenings in September and October may be due to other problems, that of the first cooling in which the body is subjected. The power to enter into the merits of this argument, with the clear importance that comes from the foods of the season, which should always be used and well known in our purchases. Mother Nature has well prepared the whole thing! That has given us every season all those foods that help us stay healthy and defeat in the first autumn chills linked to sudden temperature changes and unexpected winds, often followed by rains. During the half of us get ready for the cold and do you stock and reserves of nutrients helpful in strengthening the immune system.


Foods Protein The protein foods such as meat, milk or eggs are proteins important for us, that is rich in essential amino acids that our body is not able to synthesize. Perfect to proteins of plant origin which, together with cereals, give us as well as long-term energy (starch in cereals) also related to the energy component amino acid. Our grandmothers knew well, in fact we prepared some nice soups, cereals and legumes; Dust off those old recipes and today we offer to our children and steaming hot soups, valid for the whole family! Also in protein foods are iron and B vitamins useful to increase, especially in the fall and then in the winter, the immune system.

Cooked foods and raw foods From the point of view of food security is no doubt that cooking food is useful for combat and eradicate any possible bacteria, often the cause of poisoning food , problems that severely cut down the immune system. It follows that cooking food is the basis of good health. But it is also true that some foods should be consumed preferably raw, such as fruits and vegetables, with all their load of vitamins and minerals, lending a great energy and protection for our body. So the ideal is to calibrate well in the autumn diet food cooked and raw foods. Cereals are the basis of the Mediterranean diet, able to provide the body with long-term energy and starch.

In the autumn it is very important to stock up in the appropriate quantity, according to their physiological needs, not to mention the preference for whole grains, rice until kamut, through the good and energetic oats. Chestnuts To finish with something sweet, the first weekend off organize yourself with friends and children for an outing in the countryside or mountains, where gather chestnuts , autumn fruit and good as prefecture transformed into a sweet chestnut !