Implement nervousness, self doubt or difficulty, long-cherished plans into action? Autogenic training as a method of relaxation can help.

Autogenic training has been known since the late twenties. It was first presented by the Berlin psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz, who had developed out of hypnosis and dedicated his 1932 book. Today, these are a recognized and easily applicable technique that provides for internal balance. In seven formulas to target Autogenic training is mostly in loose clothing while lying down or at least practiced in a comfortable position. As the site is particularly suited for a darkened room. Using the power of imagination to get the body to deep relaxation.

These eyes closed mentally different formulas are repeated and reinforced. Is usually started with the sentence “I am very calm.” This is followed by the notion that the arms and legs are heavy and very warm, that the breath goes smoothly and evenly, the heart beats quietly, heat from the solar plexus (upper part of the abdomen) flows, and finally the head and face are clear and cool. To each of these formulas should be focused for a time intensive. So, for example, first one and then the other arm can be difficult. A passage thus takes between fifteen and thirty minutes.


Autogenic training often takes place in groups and under supervision. Anyone who has once learned, but may form in addition to the seven formulas own affirmations and repeat and anchor them into the unconscious. Autogenic training is designed to enable not only significantly enhanced body into a comfortable sleep, but also bring the spirit of calmness and confidence and foster self-confidence. Phrases like “I’m alert and focused,” “I am strong” or “I can achieve what I’m aiming to” help.

Applications The effectiveness of the method is especially evident in anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression and psychosomatic symptoms. Athletes also use them to improve performance. The relaxed state, which can be achieved with a certain degree of self-discipline quite simply, has a positive effect on all bodily functions. If we introduce the exercises regularly, this condition over time is achieved more quickly.