What are the supported currently the most effective for autism? Definition, current status and prospects.

Autism is a disability still relatively unknown despite the extensive literature on the subject. There is no universal consensus on the causes of disability, even if science seems to be moving in a privileged way to a neurodevelopmental impairment related to the brain. Disagreements also exist on the prevalence rate, but the major national associations such as France evoke Autism 1 in 150 births.

The diagnosis of autism

The importance of early diagnosis of autism and has been used to develop educational strategies to be most effective if the diagnosis occurs early. Unfortunately, information about the syndrome of autism is still failing, and many players feel they need, particularly general practitioners or pediatricians. To remedy this unsatisfactory situation, the Ministry of Health has encouraged the creation of regional autism resource centers throughout the country. The list of these centers is available on the website of the Autism Association France .


Accompanying the autistic

Rather than the term “support”, we prefer that of “accompaniment”. Accompanying the family and the autistic child is often complex and requires a good understanding, a lot of time and tenacity. Indeed, each autistic person is different, and the autistic spectrum is wide (most of the autistic deficit did not speak to the Asperger’s autistic). Under pressure from families and changing attitudes, monitoring by the hospital (psychiatry) a slight loss of momentum in favor of implementation of educational strategies, some of which come originally from Anglo-Saxon countries.

The schooling of autistic children has also made significant progress in recent years: the progress of young people who attended the school career, even adjusted, is a sign of hope for families affected by disability. We can also incite parents to come get an autism diagnosis for their child to be closer to specialized associations (Autism France, Sesame Autism, Defeat Autism ) for additional information and exchange with parents who have suffered the same trials. A group of five national federations (with Asperger France, France Autism, Autistic Without Borders, Sesame Federation autism, Autism Aid Pro) was born in 2010 to promote the cause of autism as a major national cause in 2011, but Prime Minister François Fillon has chosen another cause. The battle continues .