Autism is a disease of unknown health professionals and the public. This handicap which there is no cure must take advantage of early detection.

Autism is a condition in which there is no cure today. This is a severe disorder and early child development that occurs before three years. Autism is not a psychological but a neuro-developmental abnormalities related to the development of central nervous system. It is characterized by isolation and impaired social interactions. Other signs relate language impairment and communication, activities stereotyped and restricted interests. Experts are concerned about the prevalence of this condition which, for a 2000 people, rose to 1 in 150 people in ten years. These statistics are not explained, but some agree to consider the phenomenon as an epidemic.

The importance of early detection

It is possible an initial diagnosis at age two years. However, initial screening involved an average of six years (survey conducted by the Autism Association France). It is yet early diagnosis depends a successful management. If it does not cure autism now, it may stabilize or even reverse in children least affected. The child’s brain is endowed with a remarkable brain plasticity, to some extent, compensates for deficiencies that cause autism.


If care is delayed, trouble invades the various spheres of development and installs inappropriate behavior. Autism and Autism France borderless challenge the need for early detection. Indeed, a systematic screening and specific to autism could lead, in a second step, a medical diagnosis and evaluation of autism.

A lack of pathology

France has fallen far behind on this disease, and knowledge, both medical and the entourage of the child, can not, in most cases, the detection of clinical signs. The chain of responsibility in the delay of diagnosis is as complex as dramatic for children with this disease. GPs and pediatricians do not benefit at all only two hours of training on the subject, according to Autism France.

Opinion Way poll, conducted from 3 to 8 March 2012 with the French and healthcare professionals, shows that nearly 30% of physicians surveyed still believe that autistic people are mentally ill. They have yet to know the feeling. The shift in perception with reality is very important. The public must become aware of this handicap he has become part of the important causes to defend. We need to mobilize public opinion for the government to implement a campaign for early detection, appropriate training for health professionals, carers, teachers, etc.., And support to families with a child with this disease.