See what autism is, what are its causes and how to detect at birth.

Autism is one of the most mysterious disorders of our time. Here is a beginning of an explanation and some ways to identify the disease at an early age.

A definition of autism

The term autism was first used in 1911 by psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler. For him, autism is one of the symptoms of schizophrenia. It was not until 1943, with the psychiatrist Leo Kanner, autism is identified as a disorder in its own right, which is what he called “early infantile autism.” For Kanner, autism is an inborn disease that occurs early in life, whose main symptoms are the inability to establish normal interactions with others and to respond with gestures adapted to different environmental stimuli.

At the same time, psychoanalysis claims that autism is caused by a disorder of the mother-child relationship. The mother is the suspected cause of the disorder. In the late 1960s, through the exploration of the brain, new hypotheses emerge. Autism is considered a disorder of sensory perception. The child autism is unable to decode the signals of socialization and respond appropriately. Interactions with the outside world which conjure fear and anxiety, the child avoids confront it.The symptoms of autism are numerous. Include rituals, repeated movements, anxiety, disorders of attention. But yet they have the same trait: a communication disorder.


Recognize autism from birth

Autism affects three times more boys than girls. The rate of autism is estimated to be 0.0005% of the French population, five children in 10,000 births. Refusal to smile, rejection of bodily contact, impaired perception and imitation: an autistic baby recognizes several factors. The autistic child is subject to an early perception disorder via the senses. There are difficulties in combining two sensory activities at the same time: when caused his hearing, his sight is inactive when the view is activated, sound is disabled. In addition, autistic children are not aware of mental states in others.

The causes of autism

Today we consider that autism is due to brain dysfunction. Autistic children present a delay in the maturation of the frontal lobes. The causes of cerebral dysfunction are caused by genetic abnormalities and / or level of fetal infections occurred during the development of the nerve centers that control communication. Autism still remains a mysterious disorder whose causes remain unclear. Fortunately, looking ahead and we put our finger on an initial response.