In summer there is the desire to be as much as possible in a cool, possibly with water, those lucky enough to go on holiday free swim in the sea, as you will be satisfied with a town swimming pool. But eye hygiene!

Swim to broad strokes gives you a sense of freedom and lightness unique and if you can not travel to the sea, it will have to fine a nice pool. In some mountain towns the hotels offer to their clients as well as for those who remain in the city pools towns become a place of great attraction, both for large and for children. hygiene rules Before going to the pool would be appropriate to a nice shower, wash your feet and put on the headphones. For the children or for people suffering from warts will be advised to ride on those rubber footwear with which to walk in the water to take home avoiding unpleasant fungus or warts. The problem of the pool, however, could hide under other forms, completely invisible ! Taking the appropriate examinations of the water of a swimming pool one would find in front of a truly unpleasant, or to human fecal waste.


The news comes from afar, but it is hard to think that could happen in swimming pools Italian. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) United States have conducted a series of analyzes related to swimming pools open to the public, resulting in detection of a wide contamination of human fecal waste : it is found to be contaminated 58% of the filters for swimming pools. The cause is the lack of hygiene of swimmers before entering the water, but also issues “last minute” in the intestines of children and, unfortunately, some adult. The bacterium Escherichia coli is the most experienced, is located in the intestines of man and animals, too, and if it comes into contact via the fecal-oral transmission can cause gastroenteritis ugly and annoying.

What to do to avoid Infection?

* Do not go in the pool if you are on a gastrointestinal disorder, for example if you have diarrhea.
* Take a shower with soap before entering the water;
* If you feel stimulus intestinal leave the water immediately
* Be careful not to swallow water while swimming
* Wash their hands after using the toilet, and if possible, make a bidet
* Changing diapers to children not in the pool

The chlorine disinfects?

Chlorine is an excellent disinfectant, but not immediately removes the germs present in the water, which is why follow the rules of education is the proper prevention in the pool for everyone’s health.