In summer the urge to discover and take a little color. It must be remembered, however, for adequate protection because the spring sun is as powerful as the summer. Spring is finally here, has recently entered into daylight saving time that gives us some more light and temperatures are mild and pleasant much more than a few weeks ago. The warm weather need Sunscreen makes you want to expose yourself to sunlight early and often leave out the recommendations that follow more in the summer. E ‘common fact think that the spring sun is less dangerous than the summer. “In reality, there is nothing more wrong, aesthetic doctor at the clinic of aesthetic medicine hospital doing less and being the hot climate ventilated, people are inclined to expose themselves to the sun for a longer time. But without adequate protective shields, are equally at risk of sunburn, rashes or otherwise control all the damage that the sun causes during the summer, perhaps with less prolonged exposure. “The sun is not harmful in advance: you can show off a beautiful tan without risk to their health by following proper precautions for a proper exposure to the sun. The basic rules to follow to avoid sunburn, sunburn and skin damage even more serious as melanoma (cancer of the skin) are:


* Avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day
* Frequently apply a sunscreen product which has adequate protection for their own skin type and having a filter for both UVA and UVB rays for
* Always wear a pair of sunglasses that envelop the face well so as to protect from radiation reflected
* Preparing for tanning of taking supplements of antioxidants and vitamins in the thirty days prior to the first sun bath

Protection always, even when it’s cloudy!

happens especially in the spring that the sky is crystal clear and the light seems weaker and less effective for tanning. In fact the sun maintains its “power”, even when it hides behind the clouds. ” During the cloudy days we tend to stay in the sun for a longer time and to apply less protective screens, thinking of not risking sunburn. – Says Dr. Caputo – Quite the contrary , however, leave the clouds pass infrared rays which represent the portion of solar radiation that produce the sensation of heat; not feeling the heat is taken to be exposed for a longer time without considering that, however, without adequate sunscreen you may get burnt anyway.