Asthma, more asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. The bronchi , the airways in the lungs react hypersensitive to various stimuli, the bronchial muscle cramps, as a result of narrowing the airways. Moreover, swells the mucous membrane and secrete more mucus. As a result, there is one, sometimes dramatic, shortness of breath.

The disease is extremely widespread: an estimated five percent of all adults and up to ten percent of children suffer from asthma. Asthma can have various causes. Physicians distinguish the allergic from non-allergic asthma, but there are also mixed forms. Children suffer most in allergic asthma in adults is asthma usually non-allergic, especially if it occurs later in life.


Is asthma caused by allergies, it can be triggered by various allergens, but most often are the droppings of dust mites and pet dander allergens that trigger. Typically, the first symptoms occur directly after contact with the allergen, and after up to eight hours, there is then another seizure. In adult asthmatics, attacks are often triggered by allergens or irritants, with whom they come into contact at work, such as flour dust. Solvent or nickel. Asthma attacks can last a few seconds, but in severe cases drag on for several hours. Triggered the seizures are due to contact with an allergen, but also physical exercise or mental stress can provoke a seizure. The same applies to cold, cigarette smoke or certain medicines . To prevent asthma attacks, it is therefore important to know the specific cause and to avoid contact.

Most children have only relatively mild asthma symptoms, and more than half of affected children than adults have no complaints. The more severe the asthma is, however, the more likely it is that it also occurs in adulthood still or again. Always maintained but also the “outgrowth” of the asthma susceptibility of bronchial complaints for all types in the affected children’s asthma occurs often in combination with allergic rhinitis and dermatitis, especially if they are family history, including a parent or both parents to allergies suffer.

For the treatment of asthma different medications are used. They come with an acute attack to use, but also the suppression of chronic inflammation is important so that the bronchi are not more vulnerable. The drug treatment of asthma has two aims: In the fast relaxation of the seizures is cramped bronchi in the foreground, but in the long term should be suppressed, especially the inflammatory response so that the bronchi are less irritating sensitive.

The chronic inflammation is treated with corticosteroids, which must be taken so long term and regular. So-called bronchodilators relieve expand the bronchial tubes and then the shortness of breath. They are also used in an attack where they are effective within a few minutes. The active substances are inhaled, because it is so almost immediately arrive exactly where they are needed. In a good asthma treatment but it should rarely come to seizures. Therefore it is important that the drugs are also used really. Some asthmatics use drugs on their own but from when they are asymptomatic. This may increase the risk of a seizure though. With only mild allergic asthma with desensitization can be a great success can be achieved.