Respiratory ailments, asthma, bronchitis, asthmatics children seem more and more numerous, and allergies too.

Asthma is a chronic disease is an inflammation of the bronchi. Physical exertion, allergens, viral respiratory and irritant gases can trigger asthma attacks. This pathology can be diagnosed early, treatment and prevention depart relieve crises.

A common chronic disease, to establish a diagnosis

In France 6.7% of the population suffer from asthma, or 4.15 million people. If asthma is not controlled with proper treatment, this disease can be severe. Approximately one thousand people die each year following a severe asthma attack. The asthma attack is manifested by difficulty in breathing with coughing and wheezing, or a choking sensation or weight on the chest. Individuals who have respiratory problems do not necessarily know if this is a pathology of asthma. It is therefore highly desirable to have a doctor make a diagnosis. Family history can play a role in the development of this chronic disease. Medication or allergies can also participate in a trigger.

It is by performing breathing tests that the doctor will decide whether or not the existence of this disease and the gravity of it. You will participate to do with lung function tests (PFT). This will measure the volume of air inhaled and exhaled. A bronchial provocation test will assess the degree of bronchial reactivity. To detect the substances you are allergic, you may need to consider skin testing and blood tests. The results and decide whether to consider treatment.


Medicines and basic treatment for asthma

Drugs by inhalation can rapidly expand the bronchi and bronchioles to facilitate breathing during the crisis. It is prudent to keep an inhaler with him as “bronchodilators” (drugs). The duration and intensity of asthma attacks vary from person to person. Seizures may be widely spaced from each other or on the contrary daily. It’s the same intensity or not. All the crises and their consequences lead to the possibility of a therapy. Because inhaled corticosteroids are sometimes enough to control his asthma. Through a thorough treatment it is this time not to manage the crisis in emergency care for asthma but the long term. So even if the symptoms and discomfort are gone, they will still need to add medications to ward off relapses. Other doctors will also advise cures that can represented a good prevention and participate fully in relief.

Prevention and triggers

Seizures can be spaced a few hours, a few months or years, depending on the individuals. Prevent risks can be beneficial for the patient. In case of allergy, it is important to reduce all factors that can trigger an asthma attack. At home you can track the mites and molds by the Regular and careful cleaning of your home. It is best to avoid having a pet that is likely to promote the allergy, such as a cat. Intensive practice sport in a polluted urban area outside is also an unfavorable factor. Stopping smoking is of course imperative. Beware of substances that can attack the lungs, they are found both at home and in his work, such as foods or chemicals.

We must learn to live with his asthma, be aware and know how to manage crisis situations calmly and without stress, for example, provide preventive treatment to the pollen season. Increasingly, urban children are diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis, the air pollution and pollen season (including planes) are often responsible for this unfortunate discovery. Babies and strollers are of similar height to those of the exhaust. Them away as often as possible of these hostile urban areas can only do them good. Little extra precaution, significant, at school or elsewhere, always remember to give them the inhaler filled and small kit. If asthma is all too common, the ideal is to choose the least polluted area as possible.