With essential oils – but only of the highest and 100% natural and pure quality can be done about all sorts of good in the kitchen! They are also ideal for refining and seasoning.


Since essential oils are not water soluble, you need an emulsifier. These are in the kitchen besides cooking oil honey, syrup, cream, yogurt, butter, egg yolks, cream, mayonnaise, salt or lemon juice.

Season them carefully and do not forget, give 1-10kg depending on the species plant material about 20 drops of essential oil! To avoid overdose, you drop the essence never directly from the vial into the food, but use for catching only got a spoon with the chosen emulsifier. It happens to you here that escapes from the spout over the desired drop, you can wash the spoon each time but now her salad was already seasoned to death!

A great tip, especially for the beginning of the aromatic ingredients, is to drop to 1-3 drops of essence on the cutting board on which you then process the remaining ingredients.But remember this always, that essential oils are volatile essences and season so far as possible only before serving! The aroma oils offer especially in the winter, a perfect complement to our garden herbs. They enhance the flavor and smell each bouquet edible.

Our advice get your own nifty Just spice oil blend:

Italian Recipe: Asian Recipe:
¤50ml olive oil 50ml sesame oil
¤2 Tr. Bergamot 3 drops. Ginger
¤4 drops. 3 drops of tangerine. Lemongrass
¤2 Tr. 2 drops of rosemary. black. Pepper
¤1 Tr. Thyme 2 Tr. Coriander

Fill the mixture ripen into an empty bottle and leave it in a cool dark place for two to four weeks! Especially nice is the way, if you fill the oil mixture into an attractive bottle, to put an herb sprigs and label them by hand. They can also be used as a wonderful gift idea or Mitbringsl