Hormonal changes and insecurities related to the health of babies and childbirth can cause anxiety and insecurity in expectant mothers. Be aware of and try to relieve stress may help you live more serenely pregnancy.

While waiting for a baby the mother’s emotional well-being is as much if not more important than his physical well-being, but very often the same within the family ignores this need so vital to the health of the fetus and the expectant mother. fact, anxiety and stress , if you lived in an intense during pregnancy, intrauterine growth can affect the baby’s health and even his future once he is born. has been shown for example that a strong pressure on the job or a layoff, the loss of a family member or ill-treatment by the companion can help to slow the growth of the fetus or even lead to a premature birth.


Even without reaching extreme cases such as these, hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to an increase in the level of stress in expectant mother, tied to ‘uncertainty and the novelty of the moment he is experiencing. Insomnia, unregulated power supply or lack of appetite and restlessness are just some of the consequences of this.In many cases the anxiety begins even before you get pregnant, when prospective parents are looking for the conception. At this stage the stress of both parents may even hinder conception, that really needs serenity and well-being. The early symptoms of pregnancy in place, such as nausea and drowsiness, then they should remove at least for the time being the anxiety, for give way to the joy of expecting a baby.

Tiredness and sleepiness typical of the first few weeks of pregnancy are a natural warning, which helps the expectant mother to enjoy all the rest of which his body needs to relax and focusing on what more important at this time: the child who carries within himself. It is therefore important that the family and, why not, work should be aware that it is a concrete need of rest and relaxation and not a pointless whim. Moreover moments such as periodic check-ups and ultrasounds can, in some cases , transformed from a source of joy to another element of stress and insecurity. It is common fact that on these occasions the future parents are assaulted by excessive worry about the health of the baby and its growth in the womb.

Finally, the approaching date of birth, with fears that brings with it, can put a strain on even moms and dads more relaxed, especially if it is the first time. How can we do then to not win us from anxiety and find peace of mind habitual? succumb under the weight of stress would be a mistake that would not allow us to live in a the full and joyful wonderful time of pregnancy. Putting aside the anxiety is within the reach of all , you just need to find a way that best suits your needs and your character. Whether you choose a relaxing bath, a romantic weekend or exit shopping with her ​​friends, the important thing is that you can rely on the people who are that drew. If then you realize that anxiety does not want you to leave, do not doubt to talk to your doctor who will advise you on treatment most appropriate.