New breast surgery for Angelina Jolie, who, having already undergone a preventive double mastectomy last May, he returned to the operating room. A new operation to stabilize the results of the one already carried out last year. A new operation for the beautiful American actress is to reduce as much as possible the risk of being struck by breast cancer, the same terrible evil that he did suffer his mother and his aunt.

The news came directly from Angelina Jolie, who announced the next intervention to prevent breast cancer during an interview with U.S. magazine show “Entertainment weekly”. The actress will work again to ward off the danger of cancer permanently. “I’m very lucky, I have excellent doctors and a family that is close to me. And I can not forget the affection of my fans, incredible support and kindness, “said Jolie.


Angelina Jolie at risk tumor, she underwent preventive mastectomy

Angelina Jolie has undergone a double preventive mastectomy to reduce the risk of being affected by breast cancer: is the hard choice that has recently taken one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood. After you have discovered the gene that increases the chances of being affected by breast cancer and ovarian, Jolie decided to do the surgery in order to protect his health and to do everything possible to avoid suffering to her children. Indeed, it is precisely his children at the center of the choice of Angelina Jolie, who announced the decision to undergo preventive mastectomy from the pages of the New York Times. The surgery has brought down the risk of contracting breast cancer from 87% to 5%, as pointed out by the same American actress in the article, adding that thanks to the “I can tell my children not to be afraid to get lost due to breast cancer. “

Talk to mom, Jolie, but also by her daughter, Angelina, who has lived with suffering the illness of his mother, who died at 56 after struggling for ten years against cancer. The Hollywood star has been found to have the BRCA1 gene, that is, that piece of genetic code that is able to dramatically increase the risk of being affected by breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Upon hearing the news and recognized the implications, Jolie decided to make a double preventive mastectomy, the removal of both breasts. A procedure lasted three months, after which the actress has decided to make public his experience, to inform and raise awareness among women on this issue.

To hold in high regard, even the psychological consequences of these actions: “Based on my experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery of the breast” continued Mr. Riggio “the bilateral mastectomy has a huge psychological impact that must be considered and studied case-by-case basis. However, there are techniques that allow for immediate reconstruction preserving the nipple and immediately entering an anatomic prosthesis of silicone, creating a shape and symmetry often satisfactory for woman. Anyway concludes Riggio kudos to this woman who had the courage of making a choice difficult and painful. ”